Reviewed: The New Foreo Luna 4 Is Like a Cleansing Brush and Gua Sha Combined

Byrdie editor Holly Rhue with clean skin and holding mint Foreo Luna 4 cleansing device

Holly Rhue

Here at Byrdie, we’re big fans of industry-disrupting skincare tech that actually works. So naturally, we’re no strangers to Foreo—the fastest-growing beauty tech brand in the world, with supporters including Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, Venus Williams, and Huda Kattan (to name a few). The brand has a full suite of products ranging from microcurrent devices to facial cleansing brushes, but my favorite product in the line has always been the Luna 3. It's a staple in my routine for getting a really effective cleanse and de-puffing my face on those super early (okay, fine, slightly hungover) mornings. So when I heard Foreo was launching a new and improved edition with even softer silicone and more options for customization, I jumped at the opportunity to review the new Luna 4. So, curious if the Luna 4 lives up to the hype of its predecessors? Ahead, read my full Foreo Luna 4 review—from how it held up against a full face of makeup to my test of the facial massage.

About My Skin: Combination and slathered in SPF

I have combination skin that tends to get super oily on my chin, around my nose, and in between my eyebrows (meanwhile, my cheeks and forehead remain on the drier side of the spectrum). I don’t typically wear a lot of complexion makeup, but I do love a good tinted, mineral sunscreen. Because I’m quite fair-skinned, I really lather the SPF on in the morning, and find that sometimes a double-cleanse with my hands just doesn’t cut it to really get everything off.

The Design: Sleek, functional, and modern

Mint-colored Foreo Luna 4 skincare device in hand with plant in background

Holly Rhue

Besides just looking gorgeous on my bathroom counter, the Luna 4 is incredibly sleek, functional, and downright fun to use (as are the all of the other models in the Luna 4 suite). It’s a dual-sided device that gives you the power of a facial cleansing brush on one side and a pulsating, firming massager on the other. And absolutely no detail was overlooked: The silicone bristles on the cleansing brush side are bacteria-resistant, gentle on skin, and incredibly easy to clean (I just give my device a quick rinse after I’ve finished cleansing, then stand it up to dry on my countertop). 

Meanwhile, the facial massage side is essentially a superpowered gua sha. It features the same super soft silicone (with a raised, rippled texture to enhance the massage). This side emits low-frequency pulses to help lift and tone the skin, while the oblong shape of the Luna 4 makes it easy to carve out puffy under-eyes and chisel your cheekbones. When you apply a serum first (as the brand advises), the Luna 4 glides easily along the skin without any uncomfortable rubbing or tugging.

The Science: A gentle but deep clean

Sure, Foreo's latest device is gorgeous and genuinely enjoyable to use—but what impressed me most is the tech. For starters, everything is super customizable with the Luna 4. Everything from the brush head (choose between oily, dry, or combination skin) to the actual device modes (choose between a regular, gentle, or deep cleanse) can be tailored to your skin and its needs. 

When it comes to the design and efficacy, there’s really nothing quite like this product on the market. While most facial cleansing devices use harsh (and unhygienic) nylon bristles paired with deafening vibrations, the Luna 4 features soft silicone bristles—the softest on the market, actually—and gentle, T-sonic pulsations that help loosen oil, dirt, and makeup buried deep within your pores (99% of it, to be exact, according to a clinical study conducted by the brand).

The Results: Truly clean skin, with no residue

foreo luna 4 before and after photo on towel

Holly Rhue

(Left): Makeup leftover after cleansing with hands; (Right): Zero makeup leftover after cleansing with Foreo Luna 4

Honestly, I was shocked (in the best way possible) by my results from using the Foreo Luna 4. As part of the testing process, I decided to see how much makeup and sunscreen would come off on a reusable cotton pad after cleansing without the Luna 4, then again with the Luna 4. 

As you can see, there was still a significant amount of residue on my skin after washing with my cleanser and hands alone (that’s the—dirty—cotton round you see on the left in the above photo). Meanwhile, after cleansing for the same amount of time with the Luna 4, not a single speck of makeup came off onto the micellar water-soaked cotton round on the right. After consistent use, my skin is definitely cleaner, clearer, and more radiant.

The Final Takeaway

Overall, the Luna 4 has made a huge difference in my skincare routine. It gets my skin completely clean at night, pulsing away every last trace of stubborn concealer and goopy SPF. Meanwhile, in the morning, the ribbed, sculpting side of the device works like a supercharged gua sha to help diminish puffiness and keep my skin feeling strong and lifted. It’s truly two pieces of incredible, futuristic skincare tech in the power of a single, chic device.

You can shop the new Foreo Luna 4 below.

foreo luna 4 device in green
Foreo Luna 4 $279.00

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