This Device Is Like a Yoga Class for Your Face—and I’m Hooked

The Foreo BEAR and BEAR mini devices


If you were to ask me for my ultimate skin goals, I might just have to point to a glazed jelly donut: A little plump, with a lot of glow. Of course, goals can sometimes feel out of reach; and on the days in which I’ve let either my sleep schedule or skincare routine slip, the gleaming face of my dreams can seem impossibly far away. So when I was introduced to FOREO’s BEAR and BEAR mini, I was immediately intrigued. They are designed to rejuvenate the face and neck and promise to deliver firm and lifted skin pronto. I got the chance to take the devices for a spin: Do they deliver? Read on for my FOREO BEAR review.


Best for: All skin types

Uses: Smoothing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, toning, contouring, lifting, and depuffing

Star Rating: 4.7 / 5

Price: $299 for the BEAR; $199 for the BEAR mini

About the brand: Since its launch in 2013, Swedish brand FOREO has been providing customers with innovative, sleek skincare tools that are as effective as they are easy to use.

About My Skin: In need of a boost

As much as I try to keep my water bottle full, my diet balanced, and my stress in check, often one (or all) of these things can fall to the wayside a bit. And when that happens, as has been the case as of late, it shows on my skin—mainly in the form of dehydration and less elasticity. Additionally, I have been engaged in a seemingly endless battle with my under-eye area for years, with puffiness and fine lines being my biggest concern. So any help on that front is more than welcome. 

The Design: Sleek and sophisticated 

The original FOREO BEAR ($299) is a palm-sized device, while I would describe the BEAR mini ($199) as “palm-sized for a person with smaller-than-average hands.” Apart from the size, the devices are identical in design. The microcurrent spheres are located at the top (they do bear a resemblance to a certain woodland creature), and the ergonomically designed body consists of a smooth, easy-to-clean exterior that is totally waterproof. And it’s made of medical-grade silicone, so you don’t have to worry about any gross bacteria sneaking in after you clean.

The Science: Impressive

The FOREO BEAR range utilizes anti-aging microcurrent technology alongside the brand’s patented T-Sonic massage, creating an experience that doesn’t just tone and train the muscles of your face and neck—it’s also peaceful and spa-like while doing so. I used the BEAR and BEAR mini in conjunction with FOREO's SERUM SÉRUM SERUM ($59), a water-based serum with a potent mix of hyaluronic acid (which helps improve the skin’s texture and hydration) and squalane, which helps fight the signs of aging.

How to Use: Surprisingly simple

The author using the Foreo BEAR (left) and BEAR mini (right).


Upon receipt, I made sure to charge both devices right away–fortunately, it only took about an hour for each to reach full charge. 

When you're all charged up, my major first piece of advice would be to download the FOREO For You app and to connect your device via Bluetooth. The app comes at no additional cost, and honestly–I’m not sure I could have gotten the full experience had I not downloaded it. While the devices are totally operational with or without, the app gives you pre-set treatments that include videos that show you the moves in real-time. It really does feel like a workout for your face. 

On to said workout: Before use, make sure to get your face squeaky clean. After queuing up your treatment of choice in the app, apply the SERUM SÉRUM SERUM or any other water-based serum evenly across your face. (In my experience, the treatments usually incorporate this step into the first few seconds of the video, too). I’ve found the tutorials very easy to follow, telling you exactly where the device should be positioned on your face and when you should switch moves (and in what direction) via countdown clocks, verbal confirmation, and illustrated arrows. After the treatment is over, the device will automatically turn itself off. 

Since the BEAR offers five microcurrent intensity levels, as well as both full facial and targeted routines, I like to use this model on the majority of my face. The BEAR mini, which offers three microcurrent intensity levels, is great for targeted treatments (especially around the eye area), as well as for the ones that may find the product size more suitable for their face shape and size. I tend to stick to the eye area with this one, but it can be used for a full facial as well. Both devices have an Anti-Shock System, and you can adjust the microcurrent intensity to your preference. This provides a super safe and painless treatment. (Note: It’s important that you keep both microcurrent spheres on your face at all times during the treatments.)

The Results: Speak for themselves 

Even after just one use, I found my skin noticeably more radiant and tighter than before. It also looked bouncier and generally smoother, particularly in the under-eye area. While I’ll need to use the devices a little longer to speak to any longer-term smoothing effects, one thing I can speak to is the immediate results I can see: depuffed, toned, contoured, and firmer skin. I also found the breathing guidance in the videos really peaceful, especially when using the device in the morning. I would definitely say the overall experience of the BEAR and BEAR mini is more face yoga than, say, face cardio–along with the “moves,” there’s a peaceful, kind of mental component.

The Value: Worth the Investment

The FOREO BEAR retails for $299, while the BEAR mini comes in at $199. Considering the quality of the results and the fact that you don’t have to buy any replacement parts, the BEAR and BEAR mini will give you many, many facials for the price of one in-person spa visit.

The Final Takeaway: It’s a yes from me

The FOREO BEAR range consists of compact, sleek at-home microcurrent devices that help deliver a tighter face and provide the user with a nice little peaceful moment at any time of the day. Overall, the BEAR range is a great choice for those looking to invest in any kind of home microcurrent or toning devices.


  • Fast results
  • Leaves skin tight and with more bounce
  • Peaceful experience
  • User friendly
  • Sleek, ergonomic and sophisticated design


  • Could be challenging if you are new to microcurrent and if you don’t (or can’t) download the app, which offers a lot of valuable guidance

Bottom Line: Sleek and sophisticated, the FOREO BEAR and BEAR mini provide an experience that’s part facial yoga, part spa, and totally lifting. 

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