5 Foods Proven to Help a Gluten-Induced Stomachache

Even if you aren't a sufferer of celiac disease, gluten still has a way of messing with our stomachs. Bloating, pain, and digestion trouble are just a few ways consuming gluten can impact the body if you have even a mild sensitivity. That said, who wants to pass up a bowl of pasta on a cold day or slice of pizza basically whenever? Thankfully, there are some all natural and delicious ways to ease the pain when gluten starts to bother you.

Blueberries have many health benefits, so it's no surprise they also help combat inflammation brought on by gluten intake. The antioxidants present in blueberries protect the body from an overload of free radicals in the body—think of it as armor for your tummy. There is, however, an optimal time to eat them. As we've learned from Mind Body Green, eating fruit is best done on an empty stomach to avoid fermentation in the gut, which can lead to a different kind of stomach pain. So if you know you are going to indulge in an Italian dinner, you may as well pop a handful of blueberries in as a snack beforehand. For the full list of foods that help heal a stomachache brought on by gluten, head on over to the Huffington Post

Just because you are sensitive to gluten doesn't mean you have to eat boring food. Check out The Gloriously Gluten-Free Cookbook: Spicing Up Life With Italian, Asian, and Mexican Recipes by Vanessa Maltin ($13) for some creative cooking ideas.

Are you sensitive to gluten? What's worked for you? Let us know in the comments!