Feeling Anxious? Eat a Pickle

We know which foods are great for balancing hormones, which foods will improve our memories, and even which foods will magically whiten our teeth. Now, thanks to ScienceDaily, we know there's another edible solution to one of life's many troubles: anxiety. Researchers at William & Mary and the University of Maryland have found a connection between eating pickled (aka fermented) foods and having fewer social anxiety symptoms. The why part is still under investigation, but researchers speculate the ability to decrease anxious feelings has something to do with the probiotics found in fermented foods. While this mind-gut connection still needs to be explored further, if you suffer from anxiety, it couldn't hurt to add more pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, and kombucha to your diet. Want to try pickling your own foods at home? Pick up Fermentation for Beginners ($10) by Ella Marie for dozens of recipes to get you started. Or if fermented foods really aren't your thing, try this nerves-easing trick next time you feel anxiety coming on. 

Do you know of any other foods known to reduce anxiety? Share them below!