Caution: Eating These Foods Causes Body Odor

It should come as no surprise that what you put into your body has a big effect on your health and chemical make-up. Eat a cheeseburger and you're bound to feel a little lethargic later in the day, unlike a protein-packed meal or a slew of veggies. However, in addition to making health-conscious meal choices, according to an article from Refinery29, what we eat greatly affects how we smell, too.

"A diet full of spice, onions, and garlic is good for you, but, boy, does it come out through your pores," says Julia Zangrilli, perfumer and founder of Nova, a custom fragrance company. Surprisingly, according to Zangrilli, the three aforementioned ingredients can actually stay in your system for a whopping 48 hours after you eat them (depending on how much of them you ate). That makes us want to think twice before our next pizza-and–garlic knot night.

Anne Sanford, founder of Lurk natural fragrances, also says red meat and alcohol are major odor culprits: "As our bodies process alcohol, the byproduct is sugar, and that is processed through our pores. The result can be a sickly, sweet odor that is not pretty." Instead, Sanford suggests eating fresh fruits and vegetables and clean protein to avoid that back-from-the-bar smell. Not to mention your body's natural odor reacts with your perfume in different ways too, so having a clean, fresh base allows for a better mix with your favorite scent, according to Sanford.

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What tricks do you have for smelling your best? Tell us yours below!