For Skin Like J.Lo: 8 Magical Wrinkle-Fighting Foods

There are many major milestones in adulthood: our first jobs, our first apartments, our first big moves, and our first wrinkle sightings. Laugh all you want at the latter, but it's true—along with gray hairs and a slower metabolism, spotting your first lines is synonymous with—gulp—aging, a word that cuts so, so deep when used in self-context. But before you book your first filler appointment, it's important to know what causes those pesky ridges in the first place.

According to celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau, the first obvious cause of wrinkles is plain and simple: time. As skin ages, that plump, youthful complexion we once had starts to deflate and our collagen and elastin levels decrease. Additionally, free radical damage from the sun, pollutants, smoking, and alcohol can all contribute to fine lines and wrinkles. Another key factor? Your diet. Yes, what you eat affects the overall look and tone of your skin, and that includes its youthfulness (or lack thereof). So along with shielding your skin from the environment and limiting your vino intake, being mindful of what you ingest will help prevent lines and wrinkles (as well as treat the ones that already exist). That's right: You can eat your way to younger-looking skin. Alas, the fountain of youth has been discovered (sort of). But until we find the free-flowing, age-reversing body of water that J.Lo and Jennifer Aniston are sipping from, we suggest munching on these wrinkle-fighting foods daily. Keep scrolling to learn more!

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