Foam Masks Byrdie Editors Are Obsessed With



We're here to dispel the myth that foam masks only make for a good Insta. Yes, it's admittedly super fun to watch and document bubbles and foam appearing on your face like magic, but some of these masks actually do work wonders for the skin. A lot of them have hydrating, pore-cleaning, and skin-smoothing abilities that you might even be obsessed with.

From all-natural botanical ingredients to powerful skin saviors, we can't get enough of these fun masks. When they begin to foam and fizz up, they're doing their job—like removing dirt and debris buildup and exfoliating the surface of your skin to reveal a softer canvas.

"Bubbles are carbonation are often used in Korean masks and cleansers because they are able to break down dead skin cells and remove excess sebum from your skin without stripping your skin," explains Charlotte Cho, skincare expert and co-founder of Soko Glam. "Bubbling masks were created after the popular trend of Korean women using sake to cleanse their skin from time to time to increase clarity in their skin and reduce pore size."

So why should you try one versus one of the many other products on the market? "Foam masks are unique because they are beneficial for combination to oily skin types," explains Cho. "Most masks are meant for hydration and elasticity, but foam masks cater to those dealing with skin concerns such as excess sebum and blackheads."

Click through for Cho's favorite foam masks and a few of our faves that'll do the job (and make for a fun photo, of course).