So I've Been Taking "Hangover Pills," and They Actually Work



My friends and I have a group text where we repeat the same conversation at least once a week. It starts around 12 p.m., usually on a Saturday or Sunday, and begins with one of us texting, “Everything hurts,” with others chiming in in agreement, mostly bemoaning how/why they ended up in their current state: Why is there a box of Artichoke pizza in my bed? Why’d I text [insert name of person she vowed she wouldn’t text] “Hi” at 3 a.m.? Am I okay?

If hangovers were measured by strength in numbers, our collective one would be of the Mount Everest variety. But lately, I’ve found myself absent from these conversations—not because I wasn’t part of the festivities the night before, but because nothing hurts, and I’m out living my life like I didn’t guzzle five tequila sodas while dancing to ’90s hip-hop the night before. This has garnered a lot of anger and disbelief from my friends (“You’re actually getting breakfast right now?!”), which is why I’ve decided it’s time to let the world in on my secret. You see, I’ve discovered something called Flyby, and it’s amazing.