This Floral Extract Is Scientifically Shown to Boost Your Mood and Your Skin



Yes, Miranda Priestly: Florals for spring are a tad predictable. But that doesn't make us any less excited to embrace the sudden burst of foliage after months of dreary winter, especially when flowers can help restore our complexion from its dull, weathered state of hibernation.

No, they're not just pretty to look at (and smell)—a number of floral extracts have been shown to effectively tackle a number of skin conditions, from sensitivity to dryness to acne. And you better believe that the dizzying array of natural-minded beauty brands in the market right now have harnessed that plant power to create truly innovative products that deliver on the promise of a better complexion.

So what better way to ring in the season of rebirth than by renewing your skin? These flower-infused products are all-natural and effective. And fine, they're gorgeous too.