Flower's Titanium Rotating Styling Iron Is a Multitasking Must-Have

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Flower Titanium Rotating Styling Iron

Flower Titanium Rotating Styling Iron

Caitlin Duggan

What We Like
  • Straightens with little damage to hair

  • Versatile results—straight and wavy

  • Great price point

What We Don't Like
  • Takes a long time to heat to max temperature

  • Tool is unbalanced when set down

  • Only able to create a loose curl

At its accessible price point, the Flower Titanium Rotating Styling Iron is a must-have for blowout-worthy bounce with minimal heat damage. While you may still want other tools on deck for certain styles, the product is great at both straightening and loose curls, all with minimal damage to hair.


Flower Titanium Rotating Styling Iron

Flower Titanium Rotating Styling Iron

Caitlin Duggan

 We put Flower's Titanium Rotating Styling Iron to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

My motivation for testing the Flower Titanium Rotating Styling Iron was personal. Growing up with a head of frizzy, red curls, Drew Barrymore's silky, copper waves always inspired awe and envy in equal measure. But while achieving this type of look has constantly intrigued me, whenever I heat style, I like to do so as safely as possible while hopefully still getting worthwhile results.

When I heard that Barrymore's beauty and hair tool brand Flower was launching a Titanium Rotating Styling Iron designed to straighten and curl, I was excited about its design. The revolving barrel and ionic bristles promised to avoid creasing and crushing while making hair ultra-smooth, so I had to try it for myself. So did this product help me to achieve the hair look of my dreams? Read on for my full review.

Flower Titanium Rotating Styling Iron

Best for: Most hair types, though results may vary depending on length, texture, and thickness.

Uses: A versatile styling iron that straightens, curls, and waves hair.

Price: $70

About the brand: Founded by Drew Barrymore, Flower Hair Tools were designed for quick and easy styling, making a great hair day a quick flick of the wrist away. Not only are these tools functional, Barrymore made it her personal mission to make each product beautiful enough for you to proudly display on your bathroom counter.

About My Hair: Fine, 3A curls

Caitlin Duggan Natural Hair Texture

Caitlin Duggan/Design by Cristina Cianci

I have curly, red hair that I typically keep around shoulder-length. My curls most closely resemble type 3A curls, and I would describe my hair as having normal porosity, while being fine in texture. I try to maintain regular protein and moisture treatments on my curls and use the Innersense line of products for washing and styling.

I only heat style my hair a few times a year to avoid any serious damage to my curl pattern, but when I do, I always make sure to apply ample heat protectant. I currently really like the Maria Nila Cream Heat Spray because I feel it hydrates and protects. I tend to opt for blowouts instead of flat-ironing my hair because the smell and sounds of the iron have always made me feel like my hair is being fried. For this reason, the rotating nature of Flower's tool caught my attention. Additionally, I typically need a higher heat iron, so I was pleased to see that this tool went up to 410 degrees fahrenheit. I was excited to see if I could still achieve a smooth, straight result without the pressure and potential damage of a clamped iron.

The Design: Fun and energetic

In designing the Flower heat styling tools, Barrymore made it her mission to give each product a beautiful design. I loved the bright yellow of the handle and appreciated the added detail of a colorful power cord. Overall, I would say that it felt like the construction of the iron matched the price point. It did not feel cheaply made, but it also did not feel like a luxury item.

I had two main issues with the design of the Titanium Rotating Styling Iron. First, while I appreciated that there were two heat settings (285 degrees and 410 degrees fahrenheit), I found that it took quite a while to heat up to its maximum temperature. I used the iron at 410 degrees, so after its first use, I took the average of 3 additional pre-heating times and found it took between four to five minutes to reach its "High" setting. For comparison, the traditional straightener I currently have takes less than a minute. My second critique is on the overall balance—I found that when you place it down, it can take a few tries to get it to sit properly on a counter. This is burdensome when you consider that the instructions advise only using one to two-inch pieces of hair at a time, which requires you to constantly set the iron down as you section your hair.

How to Use: Two main functions

For a classic blowout or straight style, Flower recommends taking one to two-inch sections, starting with the underside of your hair. Simply place the section of hair into the iron with the barrel side placed underneath and close to the root, and when you close the iron, the barrel rotation will activate so you can slowly glide it down to the ends. You can also finger-curl the section while it is still warm to achieve a look more closely akin to a blowout.

For curls and waves, wrap a one to two-inch section of hair around the barrel and then close the styling iron to activate the rotation. Flower recommends holding it in place for three to five seconds, but I personally found that my hair needed at least 10 seconds to achieve any sort of curl. I also recommend finger-curling each section after using the styling iron to maximize the result.

The Results: Excellent straightening, great for waves

Flower Titanium Rotating Styling Iron Results on Caitlin Duggan

Caitlin Duggan/Design by Cristina Cianci

I used Flower's Titanium Rotating Styling Iron for both straightening and curling to see whether the product is as versatile as it says, and when it comes to straightening, this is my new favorite hot tool. After a few passes of the rotating barrel, I could not believe how soft, shiny, and straight my hair was. What impressed me the most was how minimally hot my hair was despite the temperature of the iron. I could comfortably touch each piece as it came out of the iron, which helped ease my heat damage fears, and there were also no burning sounds or smells while using it. I definitely could have gotten my hair straighter with a few more passes of the Flower Beauty tool, but I liked the bounce I achieved fairly quickly, and someone with wavy or straight hair to start with would have no trouble achieving a sleeker look.

When it comes to curls, I have to admit I am a bit skeptical that this iron can truly pull them off. I followed Flower's guide on curling with this tool and was left with the loose, bouncy waves that Barrymore is famous for (and I'm not complaining!). I did find it tricky to maneuver the product for curling at first, but it was definitely easier than the many times I have attempted curling with a straightener. I also should note that while the styling iron never once left a crease while straightening, I did have some creases when I used it for curling. I definitely would recommend this tool for straightening over curling, but if I could only pack one hot tool for a trip, it would definitely be this one since it does still create loose curls and waves as well.

The Value: On point

A high-quality straightener that does not fry your hair can range anywhere from $25-$500. At $70, Flower's Titanium Rotating Styling Iron falls on the lower side of that range, and I feel this styling iron is worth every penny since it can provide multiple styles. I loved the results I got and how little damage I felt it did to my hair. It does not feel luxurious to use, but at its price point, I was not anticipating a luxury product.

Similar Products: You've got options

InStyler Max Prime 1.25” Rotating Iron: InStyler has been popular for their rotating irons for several years. Their latest release is the Max Prime 1.25” Rotating Iron ($90), which I will note has an identically sized barrel to Flower's Titanium Rotating Styling Iron. Both products promise the same smoothing and curling abilities, but the InStyler offers four temperature settings versus Flower's two. InStyler styling tools are also more widely available for purchase on major online retailers, such as Amazon.

Dyson Airwrap Styler: If you're wanting to pay for the luxury experience, it doesn't get more state-of-the-art than Dyson's cult-favorite styling iron ($549). While this product is undoubtedly a major investment, it comes with seven interchangeable styling heads for a range of looks, as well as heat control technology that prevents excessive damage, so you can confidently use it regularly. With a filter, cool-touch tips, and a storage case, the product is also user-friendly at every turn.

Drybar The Baby Brush Crush Mini Heated Straightening Brush: Another alternative to a flat iron at a slightly lower price point, Drybar's straightening brush ($59) promises to leave most hair types smooth and sleek in one easy step. Ideal for shorter styles and smaller sections due to its size, the device heats to 400 degrees and features ionic technology to further optimize the result.

Final Verdict

The Flower Beauty Titanium Rotating Styling Iron is a great option for those looking to straighten without frying their hair. It is reasonably priced and offers a range of styling options, so you definitely can get your money's worth. Its unique rotating barrel forms loose waves with ease for an easy blowout effect, but those looking for tighter curls may want to pick a styler more tailored to this or a traditional curling wand.


  • Product Name Titanium Rotating Styling Iron
  • Product Brand Flower
  • Price $70.00

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