30 Pretty and Delicate Floral Nail Designs

If you're like us, as soon as you book a nail appointment your mind starts racing, trying to land on the design you want to rock for the next few days (or weeks, if you get gels). While rainbow nails and neon peach tones are among the most popular requests this year, you can never go wrong with a delicate floral pattern. Whether you want full coats of color or negative space accents, ahead you'll find dozens of different floral nail designs worth saving for a rainy day.

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Negative Space Blooms

If you want to add a pop of color to your nails without fully painting them, look no further than these delicate negative space blooms. To create the look yourself, use a toothpick or dotting tool dipped into the colors of your choice. Since the design is so intricate, don't be discouraged if it takes a few times to nail the pro-made look.

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Bumblebee-Colored Florals

This buzz-worthy mani is yet another that employs negative space to create the striking nail statement. To create the bumblebee-inspired look, use a dotting tool or toothpick with the black and yellow nail polish of your choice. Make sure to keep a clean-up brush nearby so that you can easily touch up any messy lines.

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Nude Blooms

Nude, natural-looking nails can make a statement too—even better when you add a few flowers to the picture. Instead of picking a plain neutral shade, opt for this pinky-nude and layer each nail with a daisy nail sticker or one of the florals from the Olive & June In Bloom Nail Sticker Set ($8).

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Pretty in Poppies

This bordered nail look adds a subtle touch of color to your manicure without covering the whole nail. You can accomplish the look with the nude, red, black, and green nail colors of your choice, along with a little acetone. The flowers look semi-faded for an ethereal finish, and dotting the polish with a drop of acetone can help create the watercolor effect.

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Dainty Daisies

We love this look for its seriously simple nature. All you need to bring it to life is a toothpick and bottles of white and mustard yellow polish. Start by creating a few yellow dots to serve as the center of your blooms, then follow up with six white dashes surrounding each to finish the fan-fave mani.

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Patriotic Pansies

Spoiler: Red, white, and blue color schemes can be worn all year long—not just on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. If you fancy this festive look, grab bottles of red, white, blue, and black polish and get to work. Remember, these florals don't have to be perfectly painted on, as part of their appeal is the abstract nature.

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Picturesque Poppies

These life-like poppies require a bit more expertise than the previous nail art we've covered, so they may not be your best bet for a DIY project. Just bring this picture with you to your nail appointment and a professional manicurist can likely recreate this gorgeous look.

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Sunny Florals

There's something so joyful about yellow and white nail art. In this case, part of the happy nature comes from how simple the design is to create. Just grab a toothpick, white, yellow, and green polish and start stippling your design to life.

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Beautiful in Blue

Searching for an eye-catching nail art design that uses negative space? This dark and light blue manicure will make you swoon. It can be difficult to recreate, so this is another design you may want to seek professional assistance with.

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Mermaid-Inspired Blooms

Maybe it's just us, but these purple, green, pink, and blue flowers remind us of starfish and seaweed. While roses are present too, this nail art design is especially pretty for spring and summer wear thanks to its bright nautical charm.

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Pressed Florals

Nowadays you can integrate actual pressed flowers into your manicure. It's a professional technique that can be difficult to replicate, so your best bet is to search Instagram and Google for flower nail art in your area (or search local salons' IG feeds).

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Flower Power

These simple '70s blooms will quickly become a favorite DIY nail art technique. All you have to do is create a few dots on your nails with a toothpick. Next, surround each dot with five dots of a different color and use the toothpick to blur the lines between the surrounding dots to create the joint petals.

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Dark Blue Beauts

Here we have a full floral nail art design that covers the entire nail. The base color can be swapped for any color of your choice, topped off with colorful blooms. To achieve the matte finish, be sure to top off your nail art with a matte top coat, like the Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat Nail Treatment ($4).

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Gemstone Blooms

Hi, we're obsessed with these turquoise blue gemstone blooms. To create the look, glue small blue gemstones (like the smallest gems in this pack of Flatback Light Blue AB Jelly Rhinestones ($5), on Etsy) in clusters on your nails. Easy, peasy.

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Plant Mom Nails

Technically speaking, stems are part of the floral family, so if you're a major plant mom or like the look of simple green sprigs, check out this pale pink mani. It's easy to recreate—just paint your nails pink and let them dry. Follow your base coat of color with a quick green stem design using a toothpick or dotting tool. Don't forget to finish the mani with a top coat.

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Half-Moon Florals

Half moon manis are having a major moment these days, but why opt for a simple crest of color at the base of your nail when you can swap it out for an intricate floral design? This negative space mani uses ultra-fine lines and bold pops of color to create a stunning nail look that's bound to turn heads. Given its intricate design, consider booking a nail appointment with a pro to achieve the look.

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Stunning Sunflowers

Nude nails overlaid with cheerful sunflowers? Yes, please. Luckily for us, this particular nail art design is super simple to achieve. Again, just dot your nails where you'd like your flowers to be and follow it up with yellow petals surrounding each dot.

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Pastal Petals

Pale blue nails topped off with pastel pink blooms have a way of making us stop and stare a while. If you feel the same, you'll be glad to know this nail art design is easy to DIY. Start by coating your nails in the blue color of your choice (consider choosing one from our list of perfect shades of blue polish). Next, use a toothpick to layer pink and white dots along the base of your nail, blurring the lines to create artistic blooms. Finish with a few green dashes to serve as the leaves and stems, et voila.

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Teeny Details

Here's another pressed flower manicure we can't take our eyes off of. What's so great about these nail art designs is that—if you have a tiny garden—you can even press your own blooms and bring them to your appointment for use. If you decide to DIY the look, start with a base coat and place the flowers on top of it once it's tacky (but before it's dry). Finish with a top coat or two until the blooms are fully submerged under the top layer of polish.

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Detailed Sunflowers

Love the idea of sunflower nails but want your mani to look more realistic? These negative space floral nails take the sunny flower up a notch for something that looks straight out of the garden. If you have the patience to try to recreate the intricate look, grab the yellow, brown, and orange polishes of your choice and start creating your blooms one stippled line at a time. If you'd rather sit back and relax while the masterpiece comes to life, head to the salon with this example in hand.

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Butterflies and Vines

Butterfly bushes are undeniably beautiful, so why not use them to inspire your next manicure? This simple negative space nail art features a plain green vine with an intricate butterfly that might be tough to recreate, but with a little patience and a touch-up tool on-hand it's totally doable.

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Stray Petals

Give your nude nails a touch of color with this dainty petal design that's a cinch to copy. Grab the red, green, blue, and white polishes of your choice and use a toothpick to draw little lines to form your blooms.

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Poppy Polka Dots

Create the look of polka-dotted nails with these teeny poppies. They're easy to recreate so long as you have an ultra-fine dotting tool or toothpick and two red polishes—one slightly darker than the other.

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Peony Points

Um, wedding nails, anyone? This peony design is intricate and chic, creating a romantic take on traditional floral nail art. And don't overlook the gold ring nail accent—straight stunning.

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Periwinkle Accents

These periwinkle blue nails are perfect for spring and summer, but you can play with the blue shade to stretch this look all year long. Since the florals are a bit more intricate here, you might want assistance creating them, but have at it yourself if you have patience and a steady hand.

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A (Not So) Secret Garden

Paint a garden on your nails as everyone's favorite LA-based nail studio did here. If you're not sure you have the nail chops to create the mani at home, simply book an appointment at a studio that you know does nail art (doing a quick scope of their Instagram should tell you everything you need to know).

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Bold Florals

These bright floral nails are one of our favorites for fall and spring, but if you adjust how dark or light the blooms are, you can make them work all year round. Best of all, given their semi-blurred finish, you don't have to be a pro at delicate details or intricate lines—so have fun with it.

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Dotted Delight

We love a manicure that's easier than it looks. Upon first glance, this nude floral design looks intricate (and near impossible to DIY on your own). But once you take a closer look, you'll realize it's just a series of well-placed dots and dragged lines that creates the mini nail garden.

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Baby Blues

Give your nails a touch of pale color with this whimsical nail art design that requires few materials. So long as you have a blue and white polish, you're good to go.

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Popping Pink Florals

Prefer a bolder take on floral nail art? These bright pink, green, and blue designs will make you smitten. And, thanks to their larger design, they're easier to DIY. This design gives us major Lilly Pulitzer vibes, and we don't hate it one bit.

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