I Floated in a Dark Saltwater Pod for 60 Minutes, With Surprising Results

There are certain times in your life when you will ask yourself, What have I done? The thought usually follows a regrettable decision (getting caught in a lie, suffering an online shopping blackout, forgetting to use your free delivery code from Postmates after ordering from the other side of town, etc.) and is most often accompanied by feelings of horror and extreme dismay. I happened to ask myself this question last week as I found myself stepping into a saltwater-filled pod my friend had described as a “space coffin,” lying back, and lowering the lid to enclose myself in it. Suddenly, everything was pitch black and dead silent. And I was floating. 

This is the point where one might expect me to say, And then I woke up from my nightmare! or And then I realized I’d never do drugs again. But no—this was real life, I was sober, and I had willingly placed myself in this situation. As horror-inducing as the scenario may sound, it’s actually a very real thing, and it happens to be an amazing stress reliever, among other things. Say hello to floatation therapy, the latest wellness trend rising steadily through the ranks to cult status. Keep scrolling to read about my experience and find out if float therapy is for you. (Spoiler: It probably is.)