Does This Viral False Lash Applicator Work? I Tried It

Don't get me wrong—I love the idea of false lashes. They instantly make your eyes pop and anymore, it seems as though there's nary a celeb who doesn't wear them. But try as I might, I've had such an issue with falsies. It's hard to place them correctly; they end up poking my eyeballs, and before I can even take a good Instagram picture, they fall off. Speaking with friends, they all seem to run into the same issues. Surely we can't all be false-lash inept—if only there were an easier tool.

Enter: the Flirt Flashes Lash Applicator ($28). Amber Rose, the face of the brand, touts the wispy lashes on the regular which are applied using an innovative click-and-place tool that administers small lash stripes wherever you please. I tried the fascinating new device and was pleasantly surprised at a.) how natural the lashes look and b.) how easy it is to use. See the breakdown below!

Will you give this lash applicator a try? Tell us below!