These Colorful CBD Patches Got Me Through The Most Stressful Week

Stuck on you, stuck on me.

CBD Patch

"I just gotta get through this week, and then things will slow down and relax!" is something I've thought to myself at the beginning of every week since about eighth grade. The mythical stress-free week is a delusion I'm just not ready to give up. Recently, though, I've been more active in my quest to chill out regardless of what's happening in my life. I've long been a fan of CBD gummies (and their more well-known cousin, truth be told) but wanted to try something a little more focused on stress relief. Thankfully, there are people much smarter and savvier than I working on CBD solutions to our collective relaxation woes. Enter the geniuses at Fleur Marché who created my new favorite thing: CBD patches. This is not just your run-of-the-mill CBD product—they're colorful, specialized patches created to combat specific needs like sleep, energy, relaxation, pain relief and recovery, and even sex. I tried these patches over the course of a few weeks, and now I will never go back to the sour CBD gummies of my past.

Fleur Marché's CBD patches, created by brand co-founders Ashley Lewis and Meredith Schroeder, follow a trend you might have noticed all over your Instagram feed. Similar to fun-colored pimple stickers, these patches are bright and bold, meant to be worn and noticed. The specialized patches, $6 each, are all CBD-based but include key ingredients and vitamins to target ailments: the Sleep, Plz patch is formulated with melatonin; Energy, Plz is powered by B12; Relief, Plz targets pain with peppermint with menthol; and the Sex, Plz patch increases blood flow (especially down there) with L-arginine, and maca and tribulus for arousal and stimulation. Each patch owes its efficacy to special ingredients combined with CBD. They're here to solve our problems that are exacerbated (or even caused) by being unable to relax.

Fleur Marche CBD variety pack
Fleur Marché Variety, Plz Patch Variety Pack $22

For example, sexuality studies point to emotional discomfort or a racing mind as one reason some people are unable to orgasm. These patches, in all their forms, work to pull you out of your own head a bit. Plus, transdermal application of CBD is considered one of the best methods of administering cannabidiol, especially for pain and muscle recovery. Anecdotally, applying a patch is... well, foolproof. I didn't have to worry about taking too much, too little, dipping my hands into a jar, or waiting for a spray to dry. Just peel, stick, and go,

Energy, Plz

Treating my body like a science experiment is a top hobby, so I was eager to take these colorful little squares out for a spin and record my notes. My editor, Faith, raved about how effective the Energy, Plz patch was, telling me she noticed an immediate difference, so I decided to start there. Fleur Marché has described the B12-filled patch as a great coffee alternative, so that's exactly what I tried. Rather than reach for my morning La Colombe can, I slapped one of the cute, marigold patches on my inner arm. Within about 15 minutes, I had the sudden urge to clean the living room, which is typically my pavlovian response to drinking coffee—the patch worked!

Yellow CBD Patch

Amanda Ross

Sleep, Plz

Next up was Sleep, Plz which is something I plaintively beg for nightly. Normally, I'm caught in a never-ending TikTok-Instagram-group chat Bermuda Triangle when I try to sleep. When I put on the sleep patch, it I was suddenly disinterested in my usual app circuit. It felt like too much work, so I just read a few pages of Mariah Carey's memoir in honor of Aries season and felt my lids get heavy. What really was notable about my experience with the sleep patch was my quality of sleep. Sleeping through the night is normally an issue for me, but these patches delivered on a full night's rest. I felt so refreshed the next day, every task felt easier.

Relief, Plz

Relief, Plz arrived at the perfect time. I had just received my first COVID-19 vaccine dose and my arm was so sore, I couldn't even lift it to text. I put the patch below the injection point Band-Aid and was surprised at how much looser my muscle felt. Was it as effective as Ibuprofen? Of course not, but it did make a noticeable different in the pain and is a great alternative for anyone looking to take fewer oral drugs.

Sex, Plz

Sex, Plz...yes, please. Not to give too many details, but let me just say it works exactly as described. I'm curious how it would be with both sexual partners wearing one. Something tells me it'd be heavenly.

CBD Patch, sunglasses, earrings

Amanda Ross

Wearing the colorful squares around was actually pretty fun. Just make sure you don't leave them on for too long and peel off Sleep, Plz before you doze off. I had mine on through a full 8-hour rest and it was kind of painful to remove like a band-aid. Other than that relatively minor annoyance, I think I've found my new CBD go-to thanks to the no-mess, minimal packaging. And really, anything that could make me turn away from my beloved gummies is nothing short of a CBD miracle.

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