Five Ways Your Hair Can Make You Look Younger

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A good, short men's haircut is often key when it comes to looking fresh and even younger. With just a few snips, you can turn an average cut into an updated, cool style. Finding the right style for you, getting regular trims, and maintaining a clean shave are essential steps when it comes to finding the right hairstyle.

1. Getting a New Haircut

One way to freshen up your look and give yourself a more youthful appearance is to change up your typical hairstyle. A more stylish cut can knock a few years off your appearance. Just make sure the cut is still age appropriate and feels right for you. A classic tapered style with a textured top might work well for some, while a shaggier look might be better suited for others. When in doubt, ask your stylist's honest opinion. 

2. Going Gray

There's nothing more handsome than a nice head of gray hair, especially when paired with a stylish haircut. That said, if gray hair isn't your style and you'd rather look a few years younger, toning it down a bit might be a good option. Of course, coloring your hair can be expensive and time-consuming. Starting by visiting a professional is your best bet, and if you feel comfortable enough to try it on your own at home afterward—go for it. Just make sure to get tips from your stylist or barber first. 

Rather than getting rid of all of your gray, it's best to find a stylist who uses a product that can tone the grays down without making them look like a totally new color. Blending them in will give you the most natural finish. 

3. Shaving

While a beard or some sort of facial hair can give you a more trendy look, facial hair can sometimes make a person look a bit older. Consider a clean shave for a more youthful appearance. If you've had facial hair for a long time, try treating yourself by going to the barber for a professional shave. They can help you decide if you might like to just trim your facial hair and shape it differently, or totally get rid of it. Plus, the whole process feels great and it's a nice way to transition back into the world of the clean-shaven.

4. Manscaping

If you'd rather keep your body hair trimmed and clean, manscaping it always an option. There's no need to shave your entire body from the neck down—but paying attention to the places that often get overgrown can help. If your brows get unruly, you may want to trim extra long hairs with scissors or pluck stray strands with a pair of tweezers. Trimming your nose and ear hairs if they stick out is also easy to do as you get ready for the day. As for the rest of your body, it's your call if you'd rather wax, shave, or leave it as is.

5. Maintaining Healthy Hair

A healthy looking head of hair will enhance a guy's looks at any age, especially when he's more mature. In order to keep hair growing in full and thick, opt for a clarifying shampoo once a week to clear your hair of all the build-up from any product that you use. A scalp scrub can also help to exfoliate the scalp and clear away any debris that might inhibit hair from growing. 

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