5 Essential Wedding Hair Tips for the Groom-To-Be

Grooms sitting side by side

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Okay grooms, I hate to break it to you, but your wedding day requires more than just showing up on time (although that's definitely important too). Let's be real, your wedding is one of the most important and hectic events of your life—meaning, there's a ton of pressure to look your best. And while that photographer you hired may be talented (you paid good money, after all!), they won't be able to find an angle that flatters a bad haircut. You'll be photographed hundreds of times and you'll want to ensure those photos are something to be proud of (rather than haunted by) for the years to come. So, while there are no "rules" for the way you have to look, we do have a few suggestions that could make your life a bit easier. Below, find five grooming tips that will have you looking your finest on your big day.

1. Avoid Trends

For your wedding, you're going to want to look like you. There's no reason to look back at photos and feel disconnected from the person staring back at you. For example, if your hair is usually long, keep it that way. You don't have to be a cleaner cut version of yourself if you don't want to. Remember, today's trendy haircut may make those photos look dated in the years to come, so make sure your style feels natural to you.

2. Groom Facial Hair Thoughtfully

If a beard is part of your normal look, keep it—just make sure it's properly taken care of. If you normally sport a clean-shaven or a scruffy look, it might be easiest to go with the clean shave. A properly shaved face will make you feel especially fresh and put together. And don't forget about your neck and sideburns. On the morning of your wedding, opt for a neck shave and sideburn touchup. You won't regret it.

To ensure you and your groomsmen look your best, book a trim and shave for the group at a high-end barbershop. A professional shave is a solid way to kick off your wedding day and makes a great gift for the groomsmen.

3. Get a Trim the Week before the Wedding

In order to give your hair time to relax a bit before the big day (not to mention some leeway for any necessary adjustments), you'll want to trim your ends about a week ahead of your wedding. Those with super short hair should aim for just two or three days prior. If you end up with a tan line on your neck, use a little sunless tanner.

4. If You Need a Haircut, Leave It to the Pros 

Your wedding haircut is not the type of haircut you can mess around with. Seek out the services of a pro in a high-end barbershop or salon. Expect to pay more for this haircut than you may be accustomed to, but the extra cost will be worth it in the end. Make sure you tell the barber or stylist you're getting a haircut for your wedding so they'll pay extra attention to detail. Ask them to show you how to style your hair properly (and which products to use) for your wedding day.

5. Get Some Shut-Eye

Okay, so technically this isn't grooming advice, but it's just as important. Plan the bachelor party at least several days or weeks before the wedding so you're not tired (or hungover) the day of the wedding. On the night before the big day, go to bed early and wake up in time to make sure you look (and feel) well-rested. Also, drink plenty of water the days leading up to the wedding.

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