Of All the Fitness Tips We've Tried, These are the 7 That Actually Work


Urban Outfitters

We're constantly test-driving things here at Byrdie HQ, whether it's the world's oddest beauty "sponge," an array of non-drying matte lipsticks, or a Korean powder hack that promises an airbrushed-looking complexion. But wellness-geared trials are a whole different breed, as unlike makeup or hair products, we can't wash it off at the end of the day—testing out fitness regimens, buzzy diets, and the effects of meditation requires a bit more of a lifestyle overhaul.

Many of these experiments prove downright unsustainable (ahem, Bella Hadid's detox plan). Some of them are great in retrospect, but aren't necessarily tailored to our personal agenda for the long haul. But every so often, we find a gem that sticks well beyond a story's publish date. Below, you'll find some of the most valuable fitness tips we've picked up in the past year.