3 Fitness Instructors Share Their New Year’s Resolutions



For most of us, with the introduction of a new year comes the extra motivation to implement something into our lives that we’ve meant to for awhile—get more sleep; workout more often; drink plenty of water; try a bright red lip, like Nars Audacious Lipstick in Olivia ($32); cut bangs; the list goes on. If you haven’t quite landed on the right resolution for you just yet, you’re not alone. The fogginess of post New Year's Eve planning, and then festivities, can certainly get in the way of a good brainstorm session. To get our creative juices flowing toward personal betterment, we’ve asked three fitness instructors their 2016 resolutions.

Keep scrolling to find out what they’ll be doing.

Krissy Jones, Sky Ting Yoga

“Maintain a daily home practice. Even if it’s just five minutes a day. This is important for me because I work so much in the community. I’m always around people. A home practice is about self-soothing and being internal so I have the energy to go back out and engage with students. I always feel amazing after spending alone time on my practice, so I want to commit to doing it daily.”

Nikki Warren, Kaia FIT

“This year I resolve to live in the moment by starting and ending each day with a twenty-minute meditation”

Kara Hermes, YG Studios

“To try new things and step outside of my comfort zone. I thought I’d done it all and seen it all. Then, I tried surfing when I was on retreat in Costa Rica. Total game-changer.”

What is your New Year’s resolution? Share with us in the comments!