See What a Fitness Instructor Would Buy at Sephora

To kick off the New Year, we’re running a series showcasing the skincare products top health and beauty experts are buying at Sephora. Each week, were sending one of our favorite gurus to their local store to document their entire shopping spree on Byrdie’s Snapchat. Make sure to tune in each Saturday to follow along, and check back here weekly to see (and shop!) the items that made it into their Sephora carts. Enjoy!

There’s no place like Sephora. After all, a visit is never just a visit… A simple outing often turns into a long excursion filled with hope, happiness, and surprise—surprise at the bounty of innovative skincare offerings, that is. And that’s a beautiful thing: While many of us have our tried-and-trusted regimens we rely on, sometimes a product change-up is in order in the name of healthier-looking skin. Fitness instructor and wellness expert Alexis Novak agrees, which is why we turned to her for our first installment of our new skincare series. Last Saturday, she took to her local Beverly Hills store and brought us along for the ride.

Missed our Snapchat story last week, or just in need of a product upgrade? Keep scrolling to hear all about Novak’s Sephora trip and see the top two picks that made it into her shopping bag.