These Fitness Gifts Will Come in Handy for the New Year Health Kick

When it comes to holiday presents, a fitness gift might not have crossed your mind as a possible option—it is the season for pure gluttony after all. But if you're shopping for someone who is looking for an excuse to kick-start that New Year health drive or an already self-confessed fitness addict, an item that aids them with their gym class, yoga session or early morning run could turn out to be one of the most useful (and therefore, used) presents they receive this year.

So whether they're a weightlifter, rock climber, boxer or runner, click through to find 17 of the best fitness gifts they'll be happy to add to their gym bag.

For the Yogi

Made from quilted microfibre and sponge, yoga mats don't come softer than this one. In fact, it makes Shavasana even more enjoyable.

For the HIIT Obsessive

HIIT can be hard on the body, so make sure she takes the time to roll out those muscles with this textured recovery ball.

For the Numbers Cruncher

It looks more like a bracelet than a fitness device, but this bangle can track steps, sleep, and other habits, and it can even control your music, so you can skip tracks without fiddling with your iPhone.

For the Rocker Climber

With peppermint, eucalyptus, and arnica, this nourishing balm makes light work of strained triceps and pulled quads.

For the Morning Classer

Packaged in a cute Christmas cracker, these coiled bands are brilliant at securing their hair in a bun or ponytail, but won't leave any dents when you take them out. These ties are great if they tend to run straight to the office after a morning class.

For the Gym Bunny

Nothing rids gym gear of that weird musty smell quite like The Laundress detergent, and the Sport Spray is a welcome addition to any kit bag, as it freshens up everything from trainers to clothes.

For the Pilates Enthusiast

We're nothing short of obsessed with Girlfriend Collective's simple but brilliant activewear, and the entire Byrdie team has their eye on these midnight leggings.

For the Spinner

With sea salt, lavender, and lemon myrtle, a hot bath sprinkled with these will reinvigorate tired spinner's legs.

For the Swimmer

So many waterproof mascaras fail to even make it past the face splash test, but this one will see them through 20 lengths of the pool and beyond.

For the Stretcher

This handy kit contains all the body scrub, body lotion, and body oil they'll need to nourish stretched limbs.

For the Barre Fan

P.E. Nation is the coolest sports brand going, and this '80s style sports bra is far more stylish than the plain black ones they're used to.

For the Weightlifter

You can move the cogs of this massage stick around, meaning you'll get into the deeper layers of tissue of whichever muscle you're kneading. It's great for recovery between weight sessions.

For the Lone Exerciser

The padding around these headphones makes them super comfortable even when exercising.

For the At-Home Athlete

This kit contains 1kg, 2kg, and 3kg hand weights each with square ends, so they won't roll away every time they place them on the floor between sets.

For the Cyclist

Infruition's clever bottle allows you to infuse water with your favorite fruits and botanicals, making it great for the cyclist who needs to stay hydrated and full of energy.

For the Runner

Bumbags may be cool again, but this sleek belt makes for a more streamlined running companion.

For the Boxer

Hands that spend hours in and out of boxing gloves require buttery hand creams that will stop them from chapping or developing hard patches. This trio from Aveda does just that.

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