Would You Try a Fitness Class for Your Face?

We head to the gym to tone up our muscles, stay fit, and keep our heart healthy, but one area we don’t normally think about at the gym is our faces (unless, of course, we’re thinking about our beauty look). But a new pop-up shop in New York City called FaceLove Fitness is looking to change the way women (and men!) think about facial fitness. That’s right—the whole premise behind FaceLove is working out the 57 muscles found in our faces for tighter, more youthful skin. Sounds intriguing, right?

FaceLove Fitness was co-created by Rachel Leng, an esthetician, and Heidi Frederick, a massage therapist, in celebration of Clinique’s new Sculptwear line of products for firming and lifting the skin. The women believe that by working out the muscles underneath the skin’s surface, we can ultimately detoxify the skin, create more volume, increase oxygen and circulation flow, and combat skin thinning and sagging. The facial fitness classes also claim to help our regularly used skin products work better—how’s that for getting more bang for your buck?

So what do these “classes” consist of? It’s 15 minutes of guided exercise, from making lots of facial expressions to getting a massage to using actual fitness equipment like resistance bands and mini foam rollers right on the face. Clearly these classes are not for the shy type. But if you’re thinking you’re too young to take part in facial fitness, the class age ranges anywhere from 20-somethings to 80-somethings.

To tap into Clinique's new firming line, try the Sculptwear Lift and Contour Serum for Face and Neck ($54).

Would you ever try facial fitness? Tell us why or why not below!