KKW's Trainer Shares 4 Ways to Get in Shape Even If You Hate Working Out

At 37 years old and having had two children (and raising three), Kim Kardashian West is in the best shape of her life. We nearly have to do a double take when she posts a new scantily clad Instagram post, her enviable hourglass figure etched with muscular definition like a Michelangelo sculpture. KKW's clearly proud of her gains, although recently a series of Instagram Stories praising her own figure fell flat when the beauty mogul encouraged her sisters to tell her how skinny she was, lamenting over being 119 pounds, which, let's be real, is a very healthy weight for her 5'3" frame. Sister Khloé also uses the word "anorexic" to describe Kim's physique, a term that should never be used in any other context other than for what it is—an eating disorder.

The backlash that's hit since the posts has been massive, and rightfully so. Kim's clearly put a lot of hard work into her current body, an accomplishment that's obvious without ill-worded and vapid social media posts. So let's focus on the science behind her new bod: A healthy (and strict) diet plays a huge role, but her sinewy abs and limbs are thanks to rigorous training with Melissa Alcantara (better known as @fitgurlmel). After becoming obsessed with fitness following a difficult period of depression, drinking, and smoking, Alcantara became "obsessed with results" and not only gained impressive muscle mass but a huge following on Instagram and YouTube. This audience helped her become noticed by KKW and her producers who reached out to the Bronx, New York–based fitness guru to see if she could train Kim in California. She immediately relocated and has been training Kardashian West five to six days a week.