9 Months After Moving Here, I Got the Most "L.A." Facial Treatment

Before moving to L.A., I had never heard the word "ashwagandha," never tasted a matcha latte, had no concept of getting a shot for the sake of beauty, and I had a skincare regimen that consisted of washing my face (most nights). During my assimilation to the Southern California lifestyle, I've learned that good skin requires more than just removing your makeup nightly, and I've gotten on board with some of the holistic approaches that prioritize beauty from the inside out.

When I was offered the opportunity to experience an On the Glow facial from board-certified plastic surgeon John Diaz, MD—a triptych of three treatments I can only describe as "super L.A."—I was excited to try it. I had never had a facial peel, and my only introduction to B12 shots was hearing about "intravenous vitamin cocktails" in a British Vogue video on L.A., or the Wellness Capital of the World.

As for the third component of the facial treatment, I already had a few Botox sessions under my belt (and to my surprise, I'm an apparent anomaly among my L.A. friends and late-20s peers), but the treatments had always been administered by my emergency medicine–trained sister, who does Botox for fun on the side.