CurrentBody's "Lip Perfector" Is the First-Ever LED Treatment for Your Lips

Pucker up.

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Look: if you're not on the LED mask train, it's time to jump on board. While all devices on the market may not pack the same punch as an in-office treatment, the benefits of LED light for your skin are staggering, to say the least. The technology has been proven to fight everything from fine lines to skin dullness and acne, and the fact that you can do it at home while you tidy up, work, veg in front of the TV, or even meditate (just ask Elvis's Olivia DeJonge) means this particular add-on to your routine doesn't have to be a time suck.

CurrentBody, a brand that counts celebs like Renée Zellweger and Gal Gadot as fans, is one of the leaders in the beauty device space. Their super-effective Power Ranger-looking LED mask is especially beloved for its wrap-around shape and easy-to-use design—and also made it onto Byrdie's best-of list for LED mask skin treatments.

So, when I learned that CurrentBody was releasing a first-of-its-kind device to target the ultra-sensitive skin on lips, I was more than a little intrigued. We often talk about the skin on our face, neck, and even hands aging, but there's not much you can do for your lips besides keep them healthy and moisturized—that is, until now.

Read on to learn all there is about the new Lip Perfector, how it works, and my honest review.

How It Works

According to the brand, "rejuvenated, younger-looking lips have has become an increasingly popular search term," in recent years, and their latest launch is designed to address just that. As we age, our lips, like all of the skin on our body, become more prone to damage. CurrentBody's new device combats this process naturally by penetrating layers deep to stimulate your skin's collagen. How does that actually translate to your lips IRL? Well, increased collagen production will help reduce fine lines and even out tone and texture.

“When used consistently, it works well for women struggling with fine peri oral lines and eczema-prone skin around the mouth," says Dr. Ayah, an aesthetic MD and CurrentBody partner. While traditional LED masks are still beneficial to your lips—after all, it uses the same technology—this new approach targets the area specifically for maximum results.

CurrentBody lip perfector
CurrentBody LED Lip Perfector $189.00

How to Use It

Like many of the brand's products, this mask is super easy to use. It may look like a science project, but there's nothing intimidating or technical about this device. Make sure you begin with a fully cleansed face (including your lips, of course). To get started, place the device into your mouth (this is how it stays put) and turn it on. Keep it stable for just three minutes (or until the device switches off), and you're ready to take it off and apply some balm or lip oil. It's really that simple.

Of course, there's no such thing as instant results without surgical intervention, but in 4-10 weeks, many users began to see changes after daily use: firmer, plumper, and generally more youthful-looking lips.

My Review

I love a beauty device—there's nothing that gets me going like treating my skin like a lab experiment. So, I was excited to be one of the first to try out this device. Full disclosure: this is not the most comfortable of CurrentBody's offerings. I can multitask while I wear my CurrentBody LED mask, doing chores or writing about skincare. The Lip Perfector, because it goes in your mouth like a pacifier, is more of a sedentary experience. I found I needed to stay put to keep comfortable. However, because it's a short treatment (only three minutes), that wasn't a deal-breaker for me.

I've only been using this device for a week, so I can't vouch yet for its long-term effects—as I mentioned before, it takes a minimum of four weeks to see visible results—but if LED light masks I've used before are any indication, it could be a total game changer in terms of evenness and firmer skin.

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