How To Find A Swimsuit You'll Love Forever

Achieve confidence like never before.

how to find the perfect swimsuit

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Swimsuit season can be so stressful—it's hard to find a suit that fits your body comfortably and shows off your figure in a way that makes you feel confident. Most of us have had our fair share of dressing room dilemmas when searching for a great new ensemble for the beach or pool, but the good news is that anyone can find a swimsuit they love with the right strategy, and there are a few things you can do to make the experience easier.

The design team at 1 People shared that finding the perfect swimsuit is down to understanding your body type and learning what styles make you feel confident. “For those with a larger bust, it's about prioritizing adjustable straps, support and coverage," they explained. "Also, know your aesthetic and own it. With the rising trend of leotards here to stay, swimsuits are now for the pool and beyond. They can be worn to the beach bar with a sarong or when running errands on vacation, paired with your favorite shorts or denim pieces. It's important to also play attention to your favorite everyday color palettes."

Still not sure where to start? We also talked to stylist Anita Patrickson about more specific details to look for when shopping, so you can find a piece that balances style, function, and confidence. Ahead, discover the top-secret tips to finding the perfect swimsuit and washing away any doubts or nerves about the season ahead.

Meet the Expert

Anita Patrickson is a Los Angeles-based stylist and former assistant west coast editor at Allure Magazine. Her styling clients include Julianne Hough, Eiza Gonzalez, Camila Alves, Anna Paquin, and Michelle Rodriguez.

Timeless Over Trends

“We advise to keep it simple with a classic or timeless style that will never go out of season,” the design team at 1 People shared.

Be Playful

“Experiment with colors, textures, and tones, which is also important when you want to elevate certain curves or alternatively steer attention away from certain features,” they added.

The Devil Is in the Details

“Toy with a variety of details such as ruched, high-waist bottoms, higher cut sides, ruffled sides, thick shoulder bands, scalloped tops, double-lined designs, all of which aid you in flattering your physique,” said Patrickson.

Be Comfortable and Confident

“My number one tip for finding the perfect swimsuit is you need to feel good and comfortable in it," Patrickson added. "Make sure it fits, it shouldn't be baggy or cut into your skin."

Optical Illusion

“Different shapes work on different body types, so choose an area on your body you like the most and opt for a silhouette that draws the eye there," explained Patrickson. "Prints are great if you want to smooth out certain areas."

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