How to Find the Most Flattering Glasses for You

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Glasses are an incredible opportunity to express your personal style, but the wrong pair can be a distraction. With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which pair of frames will be the perfect ones for you and your style.

When choosing a new set of glasses, it's important to look for a pair that enhances your features rather than obscuring them. Pay attention to the shape, color, and quality of the frames when you're shopping. Ahead, 11 tips to help you find the most flattering glasses for your face shape.

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Choose the Most Flattering Glasses

Daveigh Chase
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We've come a long way from wire-rimmed glasses that evoke memories of Steve Urkel. However, it's still amazing how a pair of eyeglasses can make or break your look. Put a bad frame on someone gorgeous, and they're able to play a frumpy librarian on TV. Put a stylish frame on someone who otherwise doesn't care about fashion, and they'll be instantly transformed into someone ultra-chic.

Choosing the perfect frame for yourself, however, can be totally overwhelming. There are plenty of things to consider, including your personality type and your personal style. Your face shape, hair color and your everyday wardrobe are all contributing factors to whether glasses will work for you.

Why This Style Works

Daveigh Chase, pictured here, has a square face shape, so the round frames work to soften her jaw lines. The warm color of the frames complements her auburn hair. Warm-toned frames are often less harsh than cold metal frames.

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Opt for Statement Frames

dan levy glasses

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Ruby Rose has a heart-shaped face, and these oversize frames look adorable on her. They're statement frames, which means you likely would want to wear them on special occasions instead of every day.

When choosing oversized frames for yourself, keep in mind the top rule for eyeglasses: Pick a frame that works in proportion to your face. Oversize frames can be stylish, but they should never be so high up you can see the brow. They should hit at or below the brow, according to eyeglass connoisseur ​Robert Marc in Charla Krupp's bestselling book, How Not to Look Old.

Why This Style Works

What is lovely about signature frames is that they are statement pieces. Wear a pair of strong, artistic frames and you need no jewelry. Wear a full load of jewelry and these glasses, and you'll look pleasantly extra.

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Tortoiseshell is Universally Flattering

anne hathaway glasses

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Another important factor to consider when choosing glasses is your hair color. Tortoiseshell frames look great with Tamara Falco's brown hair color. According to Marc, tortoiseshell frames are universally flattering on almost all hair colors because the tonalities in the frames match the tonalities in many hair colors.

Falco has a long face shape, and these round glasses look great on her.

Why This Style Works

This preppy look is stylish, and it works with her preppy outfit here. The pop of color within these frames adds to her look.

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Counterbalance Your Face Shape

gigi hadid glasses

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When it comes to choosing frames for your face shape, Marc suggests the counterbalancing method. That means choosing a frame that is the opposite to your face shape. For example, if you have a round face shape as Kara Tointon does, try a pair of rectangular frames with sharp edges. These square glasses flatter Kara's face shape, whereas fat, rounded frames would only highlight the roundness of her face.

Why This Style Works

Tointon has a totally feminine look going on here if you take off the glasses. She's wearing pretty makeup and a pretty dress, with her hair pulled back in a casual bun. Then she adds the glasses, adding a bit of edge and masculine feel. Note how simple she keeps her hair and makeup, as well as the absence of jewelry here. Strong glasses can be all you need.

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Red Frames Are More Youthful Than Gray Frames

Sally Jesse Raphael
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Sally Jesse Raphael has been wearing signature red frames for decades now. These are extra-thick, and work well with her hair and lipstick. According to Marc, red frames (and oranges, browns and burgundies,) are more youthful than blue, gray and steel frames, which can make you look older than you are. 

Why This Style Works

It's admirable that Raphael has embraced what she loves, and stuck with a signature look for all these years.

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Black Frames Look Chic On Everyone

Lupita Nyong'o glasses

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Black frames can look sophisticated on everyone, including actress Kathleen Robertson. She has a strong jawline, and the frames actually mimic the lines of her face, showing off her jaw. Rounded frames might lessen the angularity of her face, but Robertson has chosen to show off her strong jaw.

Why This Style Works

Black frames paired with red lipstick are a great contrast of colors. The earrings work here as well, and she was smart not to include a necklace. Earrings or a strong bracelet work best with glasses.

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Match Your Frames to Your Personality

lady gaga glasses

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These glasses are thick, and you really have to have a strong personality to get away with such a statement piece. Woodward is an English fashion stylist and television presenter, who manages to totally pull off these frames.

Why This Style Works

It takes a brazen woman to pull off such frames, which scream, "Look at me! Go ahead and quietly judge me! I'm confident in my own skin." 

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Consider Owning 3 Pairs of Glasses

Rashida Jones
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Simple black, slightly masculine frames are sophisticated and classy, and look good on everyone. If you wear glasses all the time, consider buying three pairs: One for work, one for weekends, and one for evenings out.

Why This Style Works

Rashida Jones is absolutely gorgeous, and her chunky dark frames and ponytail give her an understated and classy look.

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Pay Attention to Skin and Hair Color

ella emhoff glasses

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

Blythe Danner's coloring is very fair, and these glasses complement her skin tone. This is an important rule in choosing frames: you want ones that flatter both your face shape and your coloring as well.

Why This Style Works

Danner is a classic beauty, but she's stylish and these glasses are, too. Dated glasses can age a person.

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Splurge if You Wear Glasses Every Day

elle fanning glasses

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Your glasses are absolutely a product worth splurging on. If you wear glasses daily, you should put out the cash for a great pair that you love. Consider how many hours a day you wear glasses. Multiply that by 365 days a year and divide it by the cost of your glasses, and you'll see you're only spending pennies to be stylish. Keep in mind, too, that you can get designer frames for $200 and under.

Why This Style Works

These frames are huge and demand attention; the color is understated, as are the materials used.

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Sometimes Glasses Should Disappear, Not Stand Out

janelle monae glasses

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While you've seen some excellent examples in this gallery of glasses that scream, "I'm wearing glasses!", there are many frames on the market that seem to disappear on the face, like these on actress Annette Bening.

Why This Style Works

For women who wear glasses but don't want them to be obvious, this is a great frame choice. Her facial features stand out better with these frames than on more obvious frames. It's as if she's not wearing glasses at all.

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Know When it's Time for a New Pair

Evelina Khromchenko
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If you've been hanging on to the same pair of glasses for a few years, it might be time for a new pair, especially if your once-stylish frames are beginning to feel a bit dated.

Why This Style Works

Geek chic glasses such as these are so fun. They're somewhat clownish, but scream, "I'm a smarty-pants or an artist." Again, the right frames fit your personality. For example, you get a sense of Evelina Khromchenko's personality having never met her; she's the former editor-in-chief of L'Officiel Russia, known for her love of Miu Miu glasses and Lanvin dresses.

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