We Found the Coolest Festival Nail Art Ideas (So You Don't Have To)

Festival season is somewhat mystifying (and no, we're not just talking about the suspect substances you'll likely come across in line for the Porta-Potty). Instead, we're referring to the fatigue-inducing trends we see over and over again. (We have this weird theory that the overt predictability of festival beauty is part of the general allure).

That being said, the inherent "fun factor" shouldn't be underestimated. After all, when else are you going to cover yourself head to toe in gilded body tattoos, glitter, ombré rhinestones, or heck, all three simultaneously? Which brings us to other festival ideas, like nail art. We rounded up 16 of the best festival-inspired nail art ideas we've seen on Instagram as of late to keep your nail game inspired. Keep scrolling to see them all!

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Butterfly Stickers Galore

If you thought the peel-on sticker trend was purely the stuff of your middle school mani dreams, think again. Beloved California-based nail salon Olive & June has two different sets of salon-inspired designs, which basically give you the look of a painstaking, in-house job, sans the sweat, wait time, and investment. Simply peel, stick, and seal (with your favorite clear top coat) for a festival-ready nail aesthetic. The butterflies shown here are a part of the brand's Desert Mood Nail Art Sticker Set ($8).

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Fuchsia and Dots

Not a fan of sparkle? Fear not—there are still plenty of festival nail art ideas to inspire your upcoming mani. For instance, we like the playfulness of the bold fuchsia color here, juxtaposed with three dainty black polka dots. 

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Neon Ombré

Ombré nails have been around for a while, and the trademark trend shows no sign of fatigue. Plus it's easy to do at home. To keep things fresh, we like this neon (versus chrome or metallic) take with fiery shades of yellow and orange. 

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Pink French

If you're not afraid of pink, we think you'll love this nail art idea, which transforms a classic French tip into a little pink je ne sais quo, am I right?

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Rock 'n Roll

As much as we would love to see The Rolling Stones perform on the Coachella stage, we're pretty certain our dream is 100% outside the realm of possibility. However, that won't stop us from carrying the band's iconic vibes to our nail game. This iteration feels on point for festival season and falls on the simpler side of the spectrum if you're not a fan of glitter and lollipop-esque color. 

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Diamonds, Roses and Eyes, Oh My

As a certain iconic blonde once sultrily sang, "diamonds are a girl's best friend." And since we don't recommend actually wearing them while partaking in festival fun (it just doesn't seem like a wise choice), why not paint one onto your nails instead? Paired with a bevy of other fun designs (including cacti, a blue sky, and a rose garden) you're practically guaranteed to have a carefree time.

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Less-obtrusive but still eye-catching in its own right, this metallic neutral nail look can be done by anyone from professionals to non.

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Diamond Dreams

Or, make it a little flashy with a row of diamond bands atop a neutral background. The eye-catching diamond and gold design is a stand-out way to shine.

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Colorful Rhinestones

Tiny details matter, too. Pair these multi-colored rhinestones with some festival-worthy accessories.

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Pastel Studs

Sweetly detailed studs add a charming edge to a pastel mani for a hint of sparkly fun. You can even do this at home with a few press-on gems. Adhere the gems with a bit of nail glue and you're all set.

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Bright Pink

Hopping on the neon ombré trend from earlier, these slick pink nails are def party-ready. Barely-there gold studs add a touch of glamour to this bright, yet simple, design.

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Mermaid Nails

Maybe we're being dramatic but we can't get over this pearlescent look. It's giving us major under-the-sea vibes. The actual pearls adorning one accent nail seriously seals the deal.

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Geometric Orange and Red

Embrace negative space in a colorful way with this fiery orange and red nail design. It's easy to recreate with a few strategically placed pieces of tape. (Plus, get creative with geometric designs, if you want.)

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Flower Power

Spring essentially means it's festival time, am I right? Go for all things floral with this sweet, retro mani. Not into hand painting? Not to worry—these are actually super simple stick-on gels by Mainme. Get the Daisy Chains ($25) print for a long-lasting and impressive manicure that stays put for weeks one and two.

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Rainbow Color Blocking

The simple color block decorating this black mani has completely captured our hearts. This design embraces the rainbow in a really chic way that's equally playful. (PS: Use some nail tape for this one.)

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Confetti Circles

Whether you choose confetti stickers or decide to hand paint each circle with polish, this relatively minimalistic design totally captures the fun festival vibes we're going for.

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