Festival-Ready: 7 Genius Products for Temporary Hair Color

Blonde woman with blue eyes and pink dyed ends


Colored hair season is all year round now it seems, and it's got us thinking about our beauty looks. There are many beauty trends that come to mind when we think of music festivals: flower crowns, crop tops, flash tattoos. Even more come to mind when we think of Halloween. But there’s one trend in particular that we can’t wait to rock: vibrant temporary hair color.

Colorful hair is a great way to express yourself, but permanently dying (and damaging) your strands isn’t for everyone. Hair chalk is an easy and affordable option, but it can be messy and it doesn’t always stay put. We’ve rounded up seven of the best hair chalks and alternative hair coloring methods that bring bright color with staying power (but not too much staying power). You no longer have to worry about whether or not your top is wearing more color than your hair; this year, you can just enjoy the party.

Color Butter color depositing treatment
Joico Color Intensity Color Butter $20

Creamy hair color like this tends to stay on anything it touches for longer than it's supposed to, but this product—although it has the staying power to last you through a week of partying—is different. Not only does it come in four colors (Titanium, Red, Pink, and Purple) but it also was made with the intention of being ridiculously moisturizing.

Unicorn hair rainbow mist in mauve mist
LimeCrime Unicorn Hair Color Spray $14

LimeCrime's Unicorn Spray is more defined by what it isn't than what it is: it isn't stiffening, isn't something that will suffocate your hair, and isn't the type of spray to rub off easily. Plus, it shows up on all hair colors, from blond to black, while staying vibrant. The color lasts up to three days, or until you shampoo it out. Mix and match different colors (they have plenty), or stencil in a design for the perfect dramatic look.

IGK House party hair + body glitter stick in disco, a shimmery pink
IGK House Party Hair + Body Glitter Stick $16

The glitter-lover in you might love glittery hairsprays, but the professional who needs to get to work without glitter remnants on Monday might not. For these occasions, IGK's House Party stick (which comes in silver and pink) is your best bet. Use it over your braids, on your part, or even on your cheeks. After all is said and done, just wash it off.

Manic Panic Dye Hard Temporary Hair Color Styling Gels $10

If you want bold color and to keep your hairstyle in place, this is the product for you. With 11 colors and three different finishes—metallic, matte, and neon (which glows under black light)—the possibilities are endless. The gel dries hard, but washes out easily at the end of the day.

box of blue hair dye
Splat Colorizer Five Minute Color Toning Conditioner $9

A mix of a toner and conditioner, this product is great for those with already colored-treated hair. Available in seven shades, it makes a great color refresher that eliminates brassy tones while giving strands a boost of hydration. Don’t have colored-treated hair? You can still use it! The results will just be more dramatic and long-lasting. The color lasts between five and 10 washes.

colorpop electric hair chalk
Dippity Do ColorPop Electric Hair Chalk $7

Perfect for those who are just looking for slight hint of color, this chalk allows for precise application without the mess. Bold streaks can easily be achieved without flaking, fading, or staining. It comes in two colors—blue and green—and washes out quickly; it works best for those with lighter hair.

poser paste temporary hair makeup pink in jar
Good Dye Young Poser Paste Temporary Hair Makeup $18

Hayley Williams has long been the inspiration behind many late-night teenage hair changes, so it stands to reason that she'd be behind our hair changes as adults too. This time, it's her dye brand, not her color itself, leading the charge. We love Good Dye Young for their inclusive message, huge shade range, and wide offerings; you can buy a product meant to last a day, or something else a little more permanent if you have a whole week of parties planned.

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