Festival-Ready: 7 Genius New Hair Chalk Alternatives



Festival season is quickly approaching, and it's got us thinking about our beauty looks. There are many beauty trends that come to mind when we think of music festivals: flower crowns, crop tops, flash tattoos. But there’s one trend in particular that we can’t wait to rock this year: vibrant temporary hair color.

Colorful hair is a great way to express yourself, but permanently dying (and damaging) your strands isn’t for everyone. Hair chalk is an easy and affordable option, but it can be very messy and doesn’t always stay put. That’s where our list comes in.

We’ve rounded up seven of the best hair chalk alternatives that bring bright color with staying power (but not too much staying power). You no longer have to worry about whether or not your top is wearing more color than your hair; this year, you can just enjoy the music. Keep scrolling to see our top temporary hair color picks!