Move Over, Glitter Roots—These Are 2018's Biggest Festival Hair Trends

Updated 05/18/18

Festival season is upon us, and like any loyal attendee, if you’re a committed regular, you will have already started to think about your field-friendly capsule wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Where a can of dry shampoo and a topknot used to be the level of effort required to get you through the British climate, now you need a separate rucksack for all your hair accessories and accouterments. Glitter, flowers, ribbons, pastel hair dye, and now: hair jewelry. Check out the below beauties and unleash your inner glam.

Festival Hair 2018 Side Sweep

Side Sweep

Punk rockers, this one’s for you. An extreme side parting and tightknit braid create the illusion of an undercut while the scrunched curls still keep it flirty and relaxed.

Festival Hair Trends 2018: Zigzag Hairband

Headband Hero

There’s no climate control at festivals, which means flyaways and frizz get free reign. But not with a zigzag headband, they won’t. If they’re good enough for Prabal Gurung on the catwalk, they’re good enough for festivals.

Festival Hair 2018: Pink Parting

Pink Roots

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be pink, but colored partings make a pleasant change from glitter (they’re also a billion times easier to do). Grab a can of spray-on paint like Schwarzkopf Live Colour Spray (£6) and you can re-create this in seconds.

Festival Hair 2018: Flower Crown

Flower Power

It wouldn’t be a festival without a flower crown involved. Rather than leaving your hair floaty and free, add a chunky side plait. Less hippie, more regal.

Festival Hair 2018: Flowers and Ribbons in Hair

Ribbon Adorned

"And she wore ribbons in her hair." No, really. At Rodarte, flowers and ribbons were attached from root to tip in a sporadic fashion so no worries if you don’t have a mirror, you want it to look like you’ve been rolling around in a haberdashery.

Festival Hair 2018: Hair Jewellery and Dreadlocks

Dressed-Up Dreads

Not only does this look a bit like dreadlocks, but the darts, arrows and dangly dropped accessories also make this style a festival focal point. Try this and you’ll likely get randoms wanting photos.

Festival Hair 2018: Hair Necklace

Chain Reaction

As well as “pierced” hairstyles that loop hoops into hair, necklaces, and chains are starting to be seen. A half-up, half-down ’do is perfect for showing off back-to-front pendants à la Manish Arora.

Festival Hair 2018: Microplaits

Micro Maintenence

Not everyone wants to wear their hair up at a festival or for it to look OTT, which is why these cute micro plaits at Tommy Hilfiger are a welcome addition to the festival mood board.

Festival Hair 2018: Slicked-Back Hair

Slick It

If you can’t beat them, join them. And that goes for greasy roots too. Swap dry shampoo for wet-look gel and slick back your hair like Marion Cotillard. You’ve also got the extra benefits of knowing your style will stay in place come rain, wind or sun.

Festival Hair 2018: Plaited Centre Parting

Braid Your Part

A large chunk of festival hair comes down to hiding greasy roots, and this centrally plaited mini French braid is a totally chic way of doing it. Remember—that’s why you packed the tail comb.

Festival Hair Trends 2018: Multicoloured Rainbow Hair

Rainbow Maker

If you want to look like you’ve showered in Skittles, don’t just stick to purples, blues, and pinks—yellow is a must this season. That’s why even L’Oréal has added a Yellow Neon to its Colorista Washout range.

Festival Hair 2018: Pink Buzzcut

Pink All Over

Short hair can still indulge in the festival vibes, but mix it up and tint it a standout shade. Whether it’s permanent or temporary, the achingly cool effect will remain the same.

Festival Hair 2018: Confetti Roots

Confetti Roots

Still love glitter roots? You’re not alone. Pinterest saves are up 125% for the look. But it’s got a bad rep lately for not being eco-friendly (it’s essentially the same as microbeads). However, there are biodegradable glitter alternatives out there. Want to try glitter roots 2.0? Choose matte glitter for a confetti effect instead.

Now you’re as festival-ready as ever.

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