5 Festival Beauty Cliches We Are so Over

A small little music festival called Coachella is happening this weekend, which also means that Indio, CA will once again hold the record for having the highest number of crop tops and fringe-everything in one location. By now, we all associate certain things with festival fashion (see the aforementioned trends), but festival beauty has its own set of stereotypes. For some reason, listening to your favorite bands now also requires you to do strange things like dip-dyeing your hair pastel colors or donning an Indian headdress (just…no).

Though we think you should wear whatever beauty trends you want when you’re frolicking around to Florence and the Machine, we also think there are certain looks that have been so overdone that they’ve become complete and utter clichés. But hey, feel free to take our advice with a grain of salt—even we admit we still have a soft spot for hair chalk. Keep scrolling for five beauty clichés you’ll definitely see during festival season!

Cliché #1: Flower Crowns

Oh, flower crowns. We yearn for the days when we eagerly awaited music festival season so we could wear you with abandon and embrace the hippy queens we really are. Unfortunately, so did every other girl on the planet. Now, you’ve become the utmost festival beauty cliché, and we think it’s time to finally put you to rest.


Instead, Try a Braided Crown

Or any braid, really. Here, we’ve got thirty-one for you to choose from in our big, badass braid guide.

Cliché #2: Face Paint

We’re not sure when face paint migrated from kindergarten birthday parties to music festivals, but we think it’s time to take a united stand and say NO MORE. Also, clogged pores much?


Instead, Try a Pop of Bright Eyeliner

If you insist on painting some part of your face, make it your eyes—a pop of pastel eyeliner is fresh and won’t smudge all over your face in the sweltering heat.

Cliché #3: Metallic Temporary Tattoos

We have mixed opinions about this particular trend. On one hand, they do look cool glinting in the desert sun and have a stamp of approval from celebs like Alessandra Ambrosio and Beyoncé. On the other hand, a part of us thinks they’ve had their moment and it’s now time for newer, less-gaudy things.


Instead, Try Metallic Nails

Why not channel the gilded trend to your nails for a more understated look? Plus, it’s runway approved!

Cliché #4: Face Jewels

Sure, putting jewels on your forehead may look pretty—but it’s also something that’s been done for thousands of years in South Asia and Southeast Asia, with strong ties to the religion and culture of that region. In other words, maybe not the best thing to culturally appropriate as you're throwing your hands up in the air for Drake? (No offense, Drake.)


Instead, Try Jeweled Eyes

If you simply won’t be able to enjoy the music festival without some sort of blinged-out adornment on your face, might we suggest a simple swipe of glitter liner? Much less culturally sensitive, just as much impact.

Cliché #5: Feather Hair Accents

Feathers may make you feel like you’re embracing the free-spirited life of the bohème, but there are other ways to do that, which don’t involve appropriating Native American culture.


Instead, Try Embracing Your Natural Texture

The dust, sweat, and grime you’ve come to expect from your favorite festival also happens to create the best mussed up, textured effect in your hair. Embrace it.

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