It's True: Fermented Food is So Hot Right Now

Food trends are funny. Sure, the foods that gain the spotlight aren't "new." Take kale or açai, for example—they’ve been consumed for centuries. But as we learn more about the multitude of health benefits they provide, they're suddenly what every blogger, nutritionist, and celebrity is eating. Next, restaurants follow suit, and these latest “it” ingredients end up on the menu at every hotspot in town, prepared every which way from Sunday. In social media terms, the foods basically go viral. 

As editors, it's our job to report on the foods that are "so hot right now,” before they reach peak popularity. So today we're introducing you to something you're going to see a lot of in the months ahead: fermented food. This category of gut-friendly, tangy, delicious items are ever on the rise (including in skincare), but still remain unfamiliar to many. So keep scrolling to learn what fermented food is and what it can do for you! Trust us, you'll be way ahead of the curve on this one