Exclusive: Fergie on Her Weirdest Beauty Secrets, DIY Hair Tricks, and More

Fergie is a woman we’ve long admired for her fearlessness on and off stage—she just exudes confidence, sex appeal, and enviable amounts of cool-girl status. She seems like the kind of person who doesn’t care what the world thinks, and she stays true to herself and her vision, while having a really, really good time. Plus, she’s coined about as many pop-culture-famous phrases as Drake, what with “Fergalicious,” “lovely lady lumps,” and “workin’ on my fitness.” And of course as Angelenos ourselves, we can’t help but love the California native for her latest hit, the impossibly catchy “L.A. Love.”

Last week, at home here in L.A., we caught up with the star at The London Hotel in West Hollywood, to discuss her latest Outspoken perfume launch with Avon (her third Avon fragrance, this one called Outspoken Fresh), and all things beauty. Keep scrolling to read our interview with Fergie!