How to Dress For Your Feral Girl Summer

Here's how to dress for the latest trend

Charlie XCX wearing a Dalmatian print corset set.

Charli XCX

The internet is abuzz with talks of feral girl summer. Girls everywhere are staying out until 7 a.m., letting their freak flags fly, and remaining fashion icons while doing it⁠—but what exactly is this new trend, and how does one dress for it?

According to different people in the ether, feral girl summer is what happens when you let your vodka-fueled (or mocktail) night take over. Disco balls included, since the ability to bounce from club to club started to take over again, the girlies are out and they are ready to party.

This trend, originally hailing from the glory that is TikTok, wants to let women everywhere know that it's okay to be chaotic and you don't need a rhyme or a reason. It seems like we've all been waiting for this to happen and now we have a reason to be as unhinged as possible. Embracing hot girl summer is year-round now and the best cardio really is when you hit the dance floor. If you didn't have a reason to live it up before, you have more of a reason now⁠—and you shouldn't let anything stop you.

Below, everything you need in your closet to live your best feral girl summer.


Feral girl summer means embracing the wild child that lives inside of you. Since the wild child in all of us loves wearing as few clothes as possible, we think these tops are sure to keep you cool on the dance floor and also make you the most fashionable girl there.

Bottoms and Dresses

If you're out until 6 a.m., you need comfortable clothes to prove to your friends that you can party until the sun rises and stay cute while doing it. If you're not the type of person to bring a tote bag with a change of clothes, these extremely cute bottoms are here to inspire you.


Comfort is key when thinking about being feral and having a hot girl summer at the same time. Every girl has a story about getting blisters at the club and we don't want that to happen to you. How about some fashionable yet comfortable shoes to match any disco ball that comes into your orbit?


Every outfit needs the perfect accessories. Whether it's dangly earrings, a ring on every finger, or a tiny purse, it's important to have fun and let everyone know from your head to your toes. If you're having a feral girl summer, you might not want to wear your favorite pieces if you think they might get lost. Regardless, you're never fully dressed without a smile...and maybe some cute layered necklaces.

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