Fenty's Poutsicle Lip Stain Is the Perfect Summer Tint

Popsicle lips without the mess.

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A bold lip has always been my signature makeup look. However, it gets a little harder in the summer, when I want long-lasting color that keeps my lips hydrated after days of salt and sun. As it turns out, I'm not alone. Luckily, Fenty's newest drop has my back, and it's already TikTok-approved.

The Fenty Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain ($24) is the brand’s latest addition and its first-ever lip stain. The product instantly became a best-seller, and each of the four shades has sold out multiple times since launching earlier this summer—largely in part to its viral success on TikTok. Users love the stain for its flushed effect and staying power, and the hashtag #fentylipstain currently boasts six million views on the app. 

Below, get all the details on the new Poutsicle lip stain, and read our honest review.

The product

Fenty Beauty’s Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain comes in four shades: Zestie Bestie (a summer-y orange hue), Berry Banger (a deep purple), Strawberry Sangria (a bright yet wearable red), and Mai Type (a poppy pink). The product’s formula features an oil-in-water innovation with squalane to help condition and hydrate the lips. The shades were created to flatter every skin tone and give your face a pop of color whether you’re looking for sheer or medium coverage, and all four are vegan and cruelty-free.

“Makeup is all about play, and when I was developing this lip stain, I had so much fun,” says Rihanna of Poutsicle. “This product just hits different. You get that sexy, wet-look shine and your lips feel super hydrated.”

While most other stains on the market have a matte finish that can be dry or patchy on the lips, Poutsicle has a shiny finish thanks to all the hydrating ingredients. The glossy effect can be left as-is, though many TikTok reviewers prefer to pat it off for that classic popsicle lip flush without waiting for the shine to wear away.

The review

Kyra wears Fenty Poutsicle Lip Stain

Kyra Alessandrini 

This lip stain became an instant favorite of mine. I tried the shade Strawberry Sangria, which made for a more subdued and casual red lip. A simple swipe will instantly give you a juicy and glossy summer makeup look, which you can decide to leave as is, or choose to dab your lips with a tissue to keep the stain without the shine.

I left it glossy, and as the day went on, the shine went away, but the stain remained. During warmer months, ensuring my lips stay hydrated is always one of my main concerns. This is also where Fenty Beauty’s lip stain sets itself apart: It's hydrating without being sticky. Despite the shine, the color didn’t transfer, yet easily came off using a makeup remover before bed. You won’t need to reapply this product throughout the day unless you want your lips to stay shiny.

As promised, Poutsicle is feather and bleed-resistant—the perfect option if you want a low-maintenance makeup look. The product’s maximum effect can be achieved in one simple swipe, which makes it great for those lazy summer mornings. Truly long-lasting, the stain stays put whether you eat, drink, sweat, or wear a face mask (yes, really).

The Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain is also scent-free, highly pigmented, and rich in color, making it an all-around success.

Fenty Beauty Poutsicle
Fenty Beauty Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain $24.00

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