Everything You Need to Know About the Shimmer Body Oil Rihanna Used on Instagram

Updated 07/11/19
Fenty Beauty

There's no time to parse words when it comes to a new Fenty Beauty launch, so we'll get right to it. Today, Rihanna took to her official Instagram account to unveil her namesake brand's upcoming product releases (yes, that's product releases—plural). They launch next week, but we're already posed over our keyboards ready to click "add to cart" as soon as they're available. The first reason for this is that we love Fenty Beauty products (the scarlet-toned Stunna Lip Paint $24 is a particular favorite around the Byrdie office), so we're guessing we'll love this new launch too.

The second reason is that these upcoming products were made for long summer days. Seeing as the West Coast has been drenched in cold rain for much of this past month and the East Coast just escaped the clutches of yet another bomb cyclone, we're impatiently awaiting warmer weather. These new products will help us at least pretend while giving us that radiant, sun-kissed skin that we usually have to wait until August for.

It all started when she posted a video on the Fenty Beauty Instagram account, which showed her applying a radiant and light-reflecting liquid over her arms and shoulders. The pearlescent pink liquid all but melted into her skin, leaving a natural-looking highlight behind. This, of course, sent Fenty Beauty followers (and the rest of the internet) into a tizzy. Leave it to Rihanna to bring body shimmer back into the modern-day zeitgeist.

Fenty Beauty

The summer 2018 collection is titled "Beach, Please!" The cute moniker follows the lead of other Fenty Beauty products, which have similarly punny names (take her Mattemoiselle Lipstick $18, for example). The first product in the lineup is this allover face and body luminizer. It's called "Body Lava," and it has an ultra-dewy and radiant finish. Basically, it's like a highlighter for your entire body. The brand promises that it's finely milled and incredibly blendable for a bright and radiant finish—not an "I just dipped my entire body in a pool of glitter" finish.

Judging from Rihanna's Instagram video, what the brand is saying is true. This bronze shade is one of two the brand is releasing. It's called Brown Sugar, and it will provide a shimmery gold highlight.

Fenty Beauty

If you have fair skin and you're worried about applying a bronze shimmer, then Rihanna has another shade of Body Lava for you. After all, this is the woman who famously released 40 shades of foundation to be as inclusive as possible. This one is a pearly pink shade called "Who Needs Clothes?" It's the exact shade she used in her Instagram video. We're hooked on it already and we haven't even tried it—especially after learning that both shades will have a floral vanilla scent. So we're expecting that won't need clothes or perfume after you apply it to your skin.

Fenty Beauty

Speaking of application, Fenty Beauty is even releasing a new Kabuki brush to blend the Body Lava around the face and body. It's described as having super-soft synthetic bristles (the beauty brand is 100% cruelty-free after all), as well as the proper density to buff the shimmer formula into the skin smoothly and evenly. It can be used for both liquid and powder makeup, which makes us wonder: Does Rihanna have a powder foundation in the works?

Fenty Beauty

The final product in the "Beach, Please!" collection is this glitter pouf, called the Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom. It's extremely reminiscent of old-school Hollywood (or early-2000s Lizzie McGuire–inspired Claire's products, depending on who you ask). It's doused with hyper-reflective 3D glitter, which dusts "your body from head to toe in a superfine glittering veil," according to the press release. It comes in a single shade called Rosé on Ice, which is a shimmery rose-gold color. It smells of vanilla coconut too, which we're guessing means you can forgo perfume entirely when you wear it (just like we guessed with the vanilla-scented Body Lava).

The Body Lava will retail for $59 each. The kabuki brush will cost $34, and the Fairy Bomb will be marked at $42. The amount of money you'd have to spend to acquire the entire collection isn't for the faint of heart, but seeing as it's Rihanna-approved, we're guessing it will be worth it. Look out for the official launch on April 6, which is when it will make its debut at Sephora and Fenty Beauty's website.

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