How (and Why) to Feng Shui Your Beauty Routine

When my family was house-hunting over a decade ago, my mom had somehow taken up a fascination with feng shui (a newfound knowledge that can be attributed to HGTV, I presume), and was very diligent to make sure that our new home followed traditional feng shui principles: "The back door can't be directly across from the front door—that means money will come and go quickly," she assured us. God forbid our dream home followed a similar floorplan–we'd either have to pass on it or do some quick construction to replace the back door with a wall, stat. As you can imagine, once we moved in, our new home was laden with Chinese coins hanging on red ribbon, a red square piece of paper, and a bamboo plant, among many other strategically placed items throughout. Was the energy in our house more positive? Were our finances better off post–coin-hang? I wasn't sure, but my mom was so firm in her beliefs that I assumed her efforts must have been laced with some sort of success.

Because I come from a, erm, feng-shui'd childhood, I've carried these beliefs with me long after flying the nest. I might not have coins and ribbon hanging in my apartment, but I do have a bamboo plant and made sure that my small NYC space didn't have a window across from the door, "Because of money," I tried to explain to my skeptical boyfriend. In any event, continuing these beliefs has led me to think how else I can practice the ancient Chinese philosophies outside of the home—at work? In my car? During my beauty routine? The latter sparked such a consuming interest that I Googled "feng shui beauty regimen" and, much to my surprise, found a ton of results. Most sites suggested that the best way to incorporate feng shui into your beauty routine is by facing a certain direction when applying your makeup and other seemingly odd directional changes (though, they can't be much more odd than placing a red, square-shaped piece of paper in just the right spot in your home). To help shed a bit more (well-placed) light on the matter, I turned to veteran feng shui expert Pun-Yin (or Master Pun-Yin, as she's often called). Keep reading to find out what she had to say!

When I hopped on the phone with Pun-Yin, she made it very clear that her relationship with feng shui is incredibly important to her and one that she doesn't take lightly. When I brought up that I had seen ideas floating around the Internet that you need to face a certain direction while applying your products, Pun-Yin dismissed that notion almost immediately. She didn't want to include any such information in our discussion because she treats her practice as something that's rooted in tradition and leads to positive energy—no commercialization or gimmicks: "Beauty is skin deep, yet if we consciously create a grooming routine that aligns with the feng shui energy of our spirit and our environment, this daily regimen could be a mood-creator that keeps us focused on our goals," she explains. I was immediately impressed with her devotion to the practice and felt confident that by the end of our chat, I'd learn how to balance my beauty routine and (hopefully) my life. Follow Pun-Yin's tips below for a positive flow of energy during your routine!

Do you pay attention to the small details of your beauty routine, or is it more of a quick regimen? Tell us all about it below!