The Fendi Runway Makeup Look You Can Buy at the Drugstore

From neon-painted lashes to metal foil eyelid appliqués, runway beauty looks often fall somewhere just beyond our reach (unless we want to invest some serious time and money). But every now and then, the masters behind these coveted beauty creations blow our mind by using drugstore products to create their fashion week–approved, camera-ready styles.

The latest to deliver on impressive attainability? The playful beauty on Fendi’s runway in Milan. As reported by Refinery29, makeup artist Peter Philips dished on the drugstore secret to scoring the bold statement lip seen on models Stella Maxwell, Taylor Hill, and Gigi and Bella Hadid. Philips used stage makeup, specifically Ben Nye Glitter Glue ($7), to achieve these sparkling pouts.

In even more pleasant and surprising news, the beauty muse behind this spunky look was none other than cartoon candy princess Vanellop von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph. "Karl told me he wanted a naturalness, but at the same time that candy feeling," Philips explained to Vogue, describing the sugary vibe of the lips to look "as if she's bitten into a doughnut full of glitter." Try this daring fresh-off-the-runway look today (or save it for a pout that packs a punch on Halloween).

Have a hack for achieving runway-ready beauty with drugstore buys? Tell us your trick in the comments!