From Moon Juice to Thinx: 6 Wellness Companies That Are Changing Everything


Courtesy of Thinx

I've always held a deep fascination with all things health, and it's remarkable to consider how my definition of "wellness" has evolved over the past few years alone—especially in the context of an industry that has emerged and propagated at an almost alarming rate. Generally speaking, we used to have a much more simplistic, two-pronged approach—diet and fitness—to our daily health habits. Fast-forward to today, and even the most mundane rituals call for a conscious decision angled around self-care: Do my tampons contain toxic ingredients? How can I effectively take a breather to unwind from a stressful afternoon at work? Is the temperature of my apartment impacting my sleep?

I can understand why some might hold a cynical opinion of this veritable boom in the wellness industry; it's easy to turn a side-eye at the overt capitalization of our personal health. But my retort is this: With so many new tools and perspectives at our disposal, we have never been so empowered to take control of our own bodies and livelihoods. We have never had so much choice. That rings especially true for women—which is why it's no coincidence that many of the most innovative companies leading the charge in this arena are both geared toward and led by women.

Some of these industry leaders see this shift as reactionary to the societal roles women were restricted to for so long and the lack of inherent education and advocacy. For example, as the founder of the buzzy feminine hygiene company Thinx, Miki Agrawal has made it her mission to destigmatize our periods and provide education for reproductive health to women and girls the world over. Exhibit B: After realizing that the FDA wasn't properly regulating any of the vitamins she needed to take during her pregnancy, Katerina Schneider founded Ritual, a multivitamin company that operates on full transparency.

With the market and industry moving at such a breakneck pace, it can be difficult to orient ourselves to see what kind of brave new world of wellness is really taking shape. But from where we're sitting, there are a handful of truly exciting, innovative brands that are poised to take the lead in redefining how we take care of ourselves—because, in many ways, they already have. Meet their founders and learn about their inspiring missions below.