9 New Products That Will Make Your Life (and Sexual Health) Better

One walk through the isles at your local drugstore and it's clear products created to use during sex have never incorporated women into their marketing plan. First of all, there is no regulation on what goes into the formulas, the very same formulas that are meant to go inside our bodies. The packaging, scents, and monikers assigned to each offering are drenched in toxic masculinity—and it's no surprise. Women are fed mixed messaging and misinformation in regards to sexuality their entire lives. There's the sexualization of women, sure, but then there's the shaming too. "Companies have historically marketed sex products toward men and their desires in such a way that women don't always feel they have agency in talking about or advocating for themselves when it comes to their sexual health products, even though products such as condoms are used by two people, not just one," Lola's co-founder Alex Friedman said at a recent event for the brand.

In recent years, though, there has been a shift in the marketplace. Female-run brands are creating their own offerings with safe, clean ingredients and efficacious formulas made with a woman's needs in mind. "Things are changing in a major way," Polly Rodriguez, the CEO and co-founder of Unbound, agrees. "We're seeing more and more women, femme, and non-binary founders building businesses to address the problems they personally experience. It's one of the most exciting times to be a part of the sex tech ecosystem—the level of innovation, design, and talent that are entering the industry rivals any sector I've ever worked in," she says. And it's about damn time. Yes, I am a woman who has sex. No I am not going to hide my tampons on the way to the bathroom. And, yes, lube and vibrators exist to make our sex lives better, along with a slew of other accessories. Below, find CBD oils, adaptogenic herbs, boric acid suppositories, organic condoms, and heating pads for when cramps are an issue, and a whole bunch of others. Keep scrolling for all the information you need to improve your sexual health and experiences.