The 13 Best Beauty Looks in the History of Politics

I know what you're thinking: It's the day before the most important election in modern history, and we're talking about politicians' hair and makeup? At first glance, it might seem frivolous. But crafting an image that will resonate with the public is not something to dismiss. For female politicians especially, this is a challenge that must be tackled with strategy and skill; and as both beauty connoisseurs and admirers of powerful women, we are fascinated by how it's done. 

What's often overlooked is how uniquely tricky it is for female politicians to nail down an aesthetic that communicates all the right messages to a society that is used to men in positions of authority and women in less powerful roles. Scholars agree that to appeal to mainstream society, women running for public office must achieve a delicate balance between professionalism and softness. An image that's too traditionally feminine won't seem authoritative enough, while one that too closely mirrors her male colleagues will be perceived as harsh. Behind the scenes it takes a dedicated team of stylists, makeup artists, and other experts to nail down an image that will play successfully. And today, we are honoring some of those looks.

The following women are accomplished, inspiring, and brilliant, and their well-crafted images reflect that flawlessly. Before you head to the polls tomorrow, take a look at some of the smartest beauty looks in political history.

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