How 3 Inspiring Women Learned to Love Their Bodies

Do us a favor: Take a quick glance at the women around you right now. What do you notice? For us, it's how wonderfully different we all are—and we're not just talking skin tone, hair texture, or eye makeup. We celebrate our unique bodies on Byrdie on a regular basis, and self-love is always top of mind. But while it's easy to talk about the importance of body positivity, actually believing it and internalizing it is another beast.

Luckily social media has given us a massive community of women openly discussing, practicing, and celebrating body positivity. Always ones to seek a little encouragement ourselves, we interviewed three women who are spearheading the body-positivity movement and picked their brains. And as expected, they didn't disappoint, offering up sage tips and advice on loving and caring for the skin we're in.

They've all had different journeys, but the three all agreed on the importance of finding an exercise routine you love, and they also underlined how crucial it is to feel comfortable and confident in your clothing while doing it. Their go-to activewear pick these days? Target's new line, JoyLab, which features functional fabrics and cute styles that fit and flatter every body type.

Need a little encouragement? Find out what body positivity means to these inspiring women.

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