Has the Beauty Industry Progressed? 16 Female Beauty Icons Reveal Their Thoughts

With our ever-evolving societal climate, change is a constant. We see major shifts in our political and cultural landscape every single day. Inevitably, the world of beauty is not left out of that conversation. If we’re looking through the lens of inclusivity, diversity, and innovations, we’ve come a long way in many respects.

It’s impossible to applaud the growth of the beauty industry’s approach—which was once limiting and stereotypical—without paying homage to the progressive nature of its heroes, the women who’ve made it their mission to create genuine brands and products that speak to all people, regardless of race, gender, age, or background.

We see more campaigns, brands, and products that don’t fit into one cookie-cutter box than before, and we need even more. Female beauty icons have carved out a fearless space that welcomes change, a good change. On the other hand, there are those who recognize even more change needs to be put in place for true progress and that the work cannot stop here.

We wanted to hear from the leaders who have kept a close eye on how the industry’s unfolded over time. So we straight-up asked them: In your honest opinion, how has the beauty industry progressed, and what can it do better? Read on for their unbiased opinions.

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