Metalwork and Manual Labor: Female Artists on How Skincare Plays a Role in Art

The skin is our largest organ. So naturally, the conditions in which we live and work play a huge role in how it looks, feels, and the most effective way to care for it. Such is the case with these four female artists, as their work requires an interaction with manual labor, arid studio conditions, metals, and the drying effects of ceramics and toxic materials. And while those with a penchant for beauty often get a "vapid" and "vain" reputation (don't get me started), these products and an interest in skincare is a necessary accessory to producing their art. That, and taking care of your face and body so you feel good and stay healthy is helpful for anyone with any job. So without further ado, find the products that cure their cracked fingers, heal their irritated faces, and soothe everything else.