The FDA Just Announced Major Changes to All Your Food's Nutrition Labels

Aside from common sense (i.e.  knowing the general nutritional content differences between potato chips and a green smoothie), we rely on the Food and Drug Administration's monitored nutrition labels to know the exact content of the food we eat. Whether it's emblazoned on the side of the box of our favorite protein bars or on the bottom of a pre-packaged quinoa bowl, we've become self-professed experts at quickly scanning through vitamin and mineral percentages and fat, protein, and carbohydrate amounts. It's the only way to truly avoid icky ingredients, like trans fat, added sugars, or high amounts of sodium. 

Well, according to a new announcement from the FDA, those familiar nutrition labels are about to look very different. In a consumer updates report, the FDA revealed the new design and mandatory content for all upcoming food labels. Keep scrolling to get all the details.