Fan Favorites: The Concealers Byrdie Readers Swear By

If there’s one topic a beauty girl could gab about for days, it’s concealer. And maybe dry shampoo… oh, and lipstick—but we digress. Most women have a special relationship with concealer—often it’s a love-hate one. We hate that we need to use it, but we love that it does its job oh so well. Once you find the one—your perfect concealer—the idea of cheating on it is almost inconceivable. That is until a trusted source starts raving about the dark circle–concealing and blemish-camouflaging powers of her beloved concealer. Here at Byrdie, we’ve shared with you the top concealers according the Internet, professional makeup artists, and even Kim Kardashian. All the while, we’ve asked you to name your can’t-live-without concealer. Scroll through to see which concealers Byrdie readers like you are raving about!