7 Faux Nipple Piercing Outfits, No Needles Required

If you're not ready to commit to the real deal, these looks should help.

nipple piercing outfits


If you’re anything like me two things are true: You love the aesthetic of piercings but hate the agony of actually getting them. They seem to take forever to heal, get crusty, and never fail to reveal my ability to bump into things at the exact wrong time and angle.

However, if you’re really like me, then you’re also probably still thinking about the Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent black corset from 2001 that Beyoncé wore in the video for 2013’s “Yoncé”—yes, the one with the two black nipple studs pierced through the chest.

One thing Twitter.com seems to agree on is the fact that nipples count as an accessory in and of themselves, and while the fall weather will keep them perky, it’s up to us to make them blingy.  Below, seven outfits with faux nipple piercings that will give you the pierced effect without the pain or grandmotherly experience of relying on clip-ons.

The Latex Bodysuit

This first option is the aesthetic child of one nipply Beyoncé look with another, landing somewhere between the pierced YSL and the Emilio Pucci bedazzled faux-nipple suit she wore for the Mrs. Carter Tour in 2013. Available in various colors, it can catch eyes from far and close. Pair it with Savage X Fenty vinyl stockings and gloves for the full Fifty Shades remix of “Crazy In Love” effect. Finish the look with the classic Steve Madden heeled loafers, which I would buy if they make them in trans woman sizes.

The Mesh Mockneck

The Bonita Pierced Bodysuit ($34.90) from Akira will give you the most bejeweling for your buck. Finish the look with faux leather bottoms and the Edie Parker Key to My Heart Bag ($1,395) to become the goth princess of your dreams.

The Cutout Bodysuit

Pyer Moss Slim Crop Jeans ($375) and Syro’s Ami Snake Boots ($240) will dominate the aura of every encounter with your understated strikingness.

The Multi-Chain Bodysuit

This body suit collection comes in a range of nudes with a variety of pierced embellishments. A collaboration between Chrishabana, who keeps our favorite pop stars dripping in custom looks, and Emmy-award winning costume designer and Beyoncé’s stylist, Zerina Akers, these suits are the gold standard of pierced fashion.

The Uber-Pierced Bodysuit

Maybe it is the Halloween season, but this other option from Chrishabana X Zerina Akers reminds me of the Jigsaw trap that tore that guy's ribcage open (but make it fashion, obviously). Achieve a party on top, business on the bottom coordination with The Slant sunnies ($140), also from Chishabana and Crepe Pintuck Pant ($650) from LaPointe.

The Patchwork Crop Top

If you’re looking to go full Hot Topic employee/goth mall rat, this top from Dire Delights strikes the perfect balance between skimpy and cozy. Double down with the forthcoming Mooseknuckle X Telfar Quilted Bomber Pants ($750) and Melissa’s Shape sandals ($95).

The Subtle T-Shirt

If you’re interested in the pierced look but gravitate towards a more laid-back sense of badassness, this pierced tee from T.I.T.S. does just enough and comes in lime, lilac, and pink. If those colors don't speak to you, check out Life in Perfect Disorder's selection of nippy shirts. Pair with Daily Paper’s Black Braid Lillian Pants ($161.57) and these Beadlink Drop Earrings ($26) from Madewell to coordinate silver embellishments from top to bottom for an understated sleekness.

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