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How to Fake Bob: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

We may have said this before, but short hair is really having a moment right now. All of the stunning celeb lobs, bobs, and pixies could really make any girl rush off to the salon. Then again, one glance in the mirror at your cascading waves might be enough to make you rethink that decision. The middle ground? Faking it. Why commit to short hair for life when you can commit to short hair for a night? Enter: the faux bob. To show us how to master the style, we turned to the mastermind behind Mane Addicts, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin.<br/>Scroll through for the step-by-step tutorial!

Justin Coit


Start with dry hair. If you have naturally straight hair, add a few loose waves first. Don’t go crazy—you just want to add a little texture.

Justin Coit

Step One: Dry Shampoo

Another important texture-helper? Dry shampoo. Spray it all over to give your hair some grip. Atkin likes R+Co’s Death Valley Dry Shampoo ($32).

Justin Coit

Step Two: Gather

Gather your hair and slide it through Sarah Potempa’s The Wrap Up Hair Styling Sponge ($10).

Justin Coit

Step Three: Slide

Then, slide the tool down the lengths of your hair, leaving about three inches out.

Justin Coit

Step Four: Roll

Next, roll it up, rolling under towards toward your head, but stopping before you actually reach your scalp.

Justin Coit

Step Five: Pin

Grab some bobby pins—you’ll need several large pins—and start securing the underside of the roll.

Justin Coit

Step Six: Keep Pinning

To anchor your hair at the nape of your neck, crisscross the bobby pins as you go. That X shape will prevent fall out.

Justin Coit

Step Seven: Tease

To make sure the bob doesn’t look to prim and polished, rough it up with a little backcombing. Atkin recommends using a boar bristle brush to get just the right amount of messiness.

Justin Coit

Step Eight: Hairspray

Spritz hairspray all over. Atkin’s a fan of Oribe’s Superfine Hair Spray ($42).

Justin Coit

Step Nine: Add Accessory

For the finishing touch, add a simple hair accessory. We added three gold bobby pins.

Justin Coit


And that’s it—now you’ve got short hair for the night!
Photographer: Justin Coit
Hairstylist: Jen Atkin
Makeup Artist: Roxy
Producer: Jenna Peffley
Model: Ashley Rogers
Don’t miss Atkin’s sleek French twist tutorial! And be sure to check out her website Mane Addicts for even more hair inspiration!

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