27 Editor-Approved Beauty Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Love

Nothing against our dads, but most of the time, we find them ridiculously tricky to shop for. First, they act like they don't want anything to begin with (which we know to be wrong and obviously ignore). And second, they have a knack for the most impressive of poker faces when they eventually open whatever gift it is that we labored over. Frustrating, right?

However, we have an overflowing appreciation for our dads and everything they've done for us over the years. Be it the little things like washing our car because they feel personally victimized by its exterior or the bigger things like helping us move across the country for a new job or being there for us when the going gets tough. So even though we try to express our gratitude and appreciation all year round, Father's Day is kind of the perfect time to spoil dad to the nth degree. But bearing that aforementioned shopping difficulty factor in mind, we put our heads together to come up with a whopping 27 Father's Day gift ideas for 2018. From travel-friendly nap pillows to blue light–reducing glasses, we're happy to report that we found a gift (or multiple!) for every kind of dad. Keep scrolling!