12 Father's Day Beauty Gifts You'll Want to Steal From Dad

When we give Mom a Mother's Day gift, it's usually one we can perhaps reap the benefits of on the side. Oh, this perfume? Mom will love it—and so will I, tbh. We know she'll want to borrow the sweater or curling iron she gave us at some point or another, so the playing field evens out eventually.

But what about Father's Day gifts for dads? Traditionally, men's workwear (i.e., all those ties) are the It items for his special day, but truth be told, Dad could benefit from our love for beauty and wellness, too. Skincare can do a man a world of good, especially if he's the type who still puts body lotion on his face. Every guy is in need of a good SPF, and a few shaving supplements never hurt anyone either. So for Father's Day this year, we've put together a list of killer beauty items that Dad needs in his life (and that you can even borrow from time to time, too).

Check out our list of dad-approved gifts below!

What product would you share with (or borrow from) Dad? Tell us below!

This story was originally published on June 14, 2016, and has been updated.